Amazon debuts cloud-based robotics development platform

Amazon debuts cloud-based robotics development platform
Amazon has introduced RoboMaker on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a new service to help developers build, test and deploy robotics applications on the cloud platform.
AWS RoboMaker is built on Robot Operating System (ROS), a widely used open source robotics software framework, and integrates with other AWS services such as machine learning, monitoring and analytics services, which enable a robot to navigate, communicate and learn.
For most companies, building a robot on its own isn’t easy. It requires the hardware infrastructure to power the robot and process a great amount of data, advanced and intelligent software to let the robot function, and multiple sensors and parts on the robot to make it actually move like how the companies want.
“AWS RoboMaker provides pre-built functionality to support robotics developers during their entire project, making it significantly easier to build robots, simulate performance in various environments, iterate faster, and drive greater innovation,” said Roger Barga, general manager of AWS RoboMaker at Amazon.
In addition to a centralized cloud development environment, AWS gives robotics application developers access to various Amazon computing tools including machine learning and analytics services Amazon Rekognition, chatbot builder Amazon Lex, synthesized human voices Amazon Polly and monitoring tool CloudWatch.
Robot Care Systems, a Dutch company developing supporting tools for the elderly and independent disabled living, backed up AWS RoboMaker in a statement. By integrating the new service and other Amazon computing tools like Amazon Polly and Amazon Kinesis, the company’s autonomous robot Lea has received improved video data streaming and video interaction capabilities.
Amazon relies heavily on robots for its warehouses and factories operations. The company will reportedly launch a home robot powered by Alexa to help with easy home tasks in 2019.

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