SMAhome Award 2016 finalist: MivaTek’s all-in-one hub shuttle combines the functions of a router, bridge, storage and siren

SMAhome Award 2016 finalist: MivaTek’s all-in-one hub shuttle combines the functions of a router, bridge, storage and siren
As smart home gadgets proliferate, whether they are lights, locks or security cameras, smart home hubs are “must-have” items as they can connect all of your devices to the cloud and give you one app that acts as a sort of universal remote. Additionally, a hub provides the ability to automate your gadgets.

The latest offering from MivaTek's Intelligent Hub Shuttle is known to be one of the few devices currently available on the market today that integrates various functions, including router, bridge, storage, and siren. The system can be easily installed, plug-n-play without pairing, and can bridge multiple protocols, with unified communications up to 64G memory storage.

“Our device is designed to be small and unobtrusive, and it's easy to set up, has a Web-based interface (as well as one for your smartphone), and currently also supports IFTTT,” Henry Ho said, VP of Product Engineering at MivaTek.

Branded as part of the “Home8” moniker for all of its consumer product lines, MivaTek's services encompass a variety of video-centric products designed to keep users safe and provide peace of mind. It offers a range of affordable devices that work seamlessly with the company's mobile app, providing users complete control of their smart home no matter where they are.

The Intelligent Hub Shuttle features full plug-and-play, while sporting its own firewall (in addition to your router's firewall), AES 256 bank-level encryption, and anti-sniffing technology to protect privacy.

“The all-in-one device incorporates unique SSIDs for extra security purposes, which can be generated automatically,” Ho explained, adding that the hub also supports 3G/4G connectivity (via USB dongle) in case of power outage, a feat that is especially useful in some parts of the world where electricity cuts are rampant.

In terms of protocols, the hub can be customized to support either Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth as shipping standard according to customers' needs, he said.

“What sets Home8 apart in the marketplace is the seamless integration of all our products and the ability to send push notifications to mobile devices that show video clips when applicable so that users can get a sense of what is happening in their home at that moment,” MivaTek's CEO Joe Liu said in a previous press statement.

Meanwhile, MivaTek offers open API, customized and turn-key solutions and services for WW service providers, including multiple payment methods, prepaid H/W with Premium service, Zero-down with contracted Premium service, and H/W with Basic service, and online Premium service upgrade.

MivaTek, finalist to this year's SMAhome Award, will be presenting their connected home solutions at the SMAhome Award Center (#8307) during the SMAhome International Exhibition and Conference in Taipei.

Product Details

Protocol complied: Wi-Fi and proprietary one
Launched in Year 2015
Designed for DIY
minimum order quantity: 1 unit
Ready for shipment right away

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