Cloud video verification upgrades tradition security services: MivaTek

Cloud video verification upgrades tradition security services: MivaTek
International smart home experts gathered at SMAhome International Conference and Exhibition 2017 to present their latest technology innovations and development. Joe Liu, CEO from MivaTek, shared the company’s perspective on the cloud platform at the event. Here is the summary of his speech.

Starting in 2010, MivaTek created a collaborative mobile-cloud platform for the functions of video, security and care. The company partners with global ISPs, cellular carriers, and professional security dealers. To work with international security professionals, MivaTek created a dealer-exclusive app called is an easy-to-use APP of  video verification designed for users who’d like to have DIY and monitor-it-yourself security. The platform accepts both the analog CCTV system and M2M cellular system for the remote video surveillance, automation and care control. By integrating the data collected by the security sensors and the video storage on the same platform with one hub, user can control their own security system with their smart phones. “While you’re seeing it, you can control it,” explained Liu.

More than video, MivaTek incorporates voices over IP into, so users can directly make calls to the police or their preferred emergency services, when there is any emergency. sends video verification immediately as the event occurs.  When users receive it, they can take the video as a part of evidence and request professional helps.

Traditional security services are mostly expensive and require a call center to operate. MivaTek’s provides a collaborative monitoring solution to upgrade the professional security services to a more efficient model and in less operation cost. can further set multiple tiers of liaison for emergency including family members, professional helpers or the police stations.

To the issue of video privacy, is triple-shield protected, which has two layers of physical hardware protection and one software protection. The scalable system allows system owners to authorize access in several levels. can easily integrate with the existing alarm panel. MivaTek especially provides a dealer incentive to attract the partnership with international professional alarm dealers; USD$2.99 per month for up to eight cameras, and an unlimited additional service in a total control/care plan of USD$4.99 now.

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