Exosite introduces IoT platform to facilitate smart home development

Exosite introduces IoT platform to facilitate smart home development
U.S.-based IoT firm Exosite announced recently that its cloud platform is now compatible with the TaiSEIA101 standard, a communication protocal released by the Taiwan Smart Energy Industry Association (TaiSEIA) last year.
As a member of the TaiSEIA, Exosite is committed to promoting the smart home standard, the company said. Testing on cloud stability, software development kit, and firmware for Wi-Fi connection has been completed, and now electronics makers can develop tailor-made software and shorten time to market, Exosite said.
Exosite's MURANO platform allows home appliances of different types and brands to talk to one another based on a common communication protocol. Real-time monitoring and control of the electronics can also be done via smartphone app, which will enable energy conservation and bring smart home to a reality, the company said.
Last week at a green energy forum, Exosite’s Marketing Director in Asia Robert Yu explained in detail how electronics makers may utilize the cloud to take advantage of new IoT opportunities. Yu also shared success implementation examples in the Western market as well as potential problems when carrying out scalable IoT deployment.
At Exosite’s booth at the forum, attendants witnessed first-hand practical IoT solutions and smart home applications. Through exchanges with Exosite’s personnel, they also obtained a better grasp on how to use the cloud platform to develop proof-of-concept IoT products.
TaiSEIA 101 can be used as communication protocol in the application layer of appliances, as well as the network communications adapter and home gateways product.

Applicable household appliances include air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, washing machine, dryer, heat pump water heaters, television sets, air cleaners, microwave ovens, electronic pot, drink machines, dish dryer, cooker, all heat exchangers, fans.

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