Exosite teams up with ARM to provide secure, full-stack IoT solution

Exosite teams up with ARM to provide secure, full-stack IoT solution
Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider Exosite has announced a collaboration with semiconductor company ARM to offer a complete solution for secure connected-product development.

The two companies have teamed up to integrate Murano, Exosite’s enterprise IoT software platform, and ARM mbed Cloud, a scalable solution for IoT device management.

The combined offering gives customers a standards-based and secure chip-to-cloud device-management solution, along with vertical-solution templates and IoT-platform functionality to simplify and accelerate connected-product development.

Sending data from connected devices securely to the cloud in a trusted manner is key to accelerating IoT and can be a challenge for many OEMs, said Michael Horne, VP of sales and marketing of ARM’s IoT Business Unit.

“The collaboration between ARM and Exosite’s Murano platform offers a streamlined way for customers to manage connected devices in the field and move this data securely to build cloud-side applications,” Horne added.

Exosite says Murano and mbed Cloud together provide a proven, trusted data pipeline from devices to end applications. As such, users do not have to invest time and money developing the technology stack, so they get to market faster and can focus on making their connected-product offering unique.

Once device data has been securely transported to Murano, users can create sophisticated connected solutions leveraging platform features like data storage, software integrations, product configurations, and vertical-solution templates that reduce time-to-market and slash development costs.

Exosite also offers technology-driven Digital Transformation Services to support IoT strategy development and execution, and its Exosite IoT Alliance (EIA) partner ecosystem to support rapid IoT-solution deployment.

“Together, we make it faster, safer, and more affordable for OEMs to deploy discrete IoT initiatives and to connect them into their enterprise without having to invest in costly infrastructure and internal teams of security, network, and IoT experts,” said Exosite CEO Hans Rempel.

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