Ayla cloud platform offers home security at Secutech 2016

Ayla cloud platform offers home security at Secutech 2016
Secutech 2016, the most professional and international security trade show in Asia, kicked off at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 19 to 21. As a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Ayla Networks attracted visitors of various nationalities by showcasing its end-to-end enterprise IoT platform incorporating security into each and every part of the products as well as a variety of smart devices connected to Ayla’s IoT platform.
The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and other renowned organizations and manufacturers visited Ayla’s booth at the show to learn about the core values and concepts of Ayla’s IoT Cloud Platform.
Launched in 1998, Secutech is an international security exhibition focusing on information security, security facilities and equipment, and fire safety. Secutech has now grown into the largest security technology exhibition in Asia Pacific. Expanding its presence from security to smart application, Secutech 2016 is focusing on the five themes of Smart Home, Smart Transportation, Smart Retail, Smart Factory and Smart Building with an emphasis on IoT innovation and smart living.
“Security is a crucial component of the smart home. Our smart security system strives to provide a safe living environment for the smart home and safeguards users’ quality life at home,” said Phillip Chang, Co-Founder and President of Ayla Networks China. “Ayla’s current smart home security system includes monitoring and alarms. In addition to home security, we are also focusing on safety in everyday lives, such as electrical safety, fire control and baby health.”

Safeguard home security with comprehensive monitoring

At the show, Ayla presented RemoteLync, a smart home security product launched in partnership with Kidde, the world’s largest smoke detector manufacturer. As a smart smoke detector, RemoteLync is able to provide smoke monitoring anywhere anytime. Similar to other smart home security products, RemoteLync uses an app to send smoke alarms. Upon detecting excessive smoke concentrations, it will notify its user to address the situation. RemoteLync can remotely connect to users’ mobile devices via existing WiFi at home. Users can also set up receivers of smoke notifications at their own discretion, such as neighbors, friends, property management companies, or even directly sounding the alarm. Ayla and Kidde have provided a new security approach, enabling users to comprehensively monitor their homes and handle emergencies in a timely manner.

Guarantee baby safety with IoT

In addition to home security, Ayla has also partnered with Owlet, a US-based leader in smart wearables, to launch Owlet Smart Sock, a product for parents to monitor their infant’s vital signs, such as heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen, and breathing. To ensure the safety of their babies, these data will be transmitted to the cloud by utilizing Ayla’s IoT Cloud Platform and then delivered to users’ smartphones in real time. Ayla is dedicated to safeguarding life safety with IoT technologies. During previous tests, Owlet Smart Sock recorded over a billion heart rates in a single month.
In recent years, Taiwan’s manufacturing development has been shifting from export-oriented OEM to increasing products’ added value with an emphasis on IoT, cloud and big data. Leveraging these technologies to increase products’ added value is an issue faced by Taiwan’s manufacturing industry. “We are deploying a worldwide platform to facilitate the connected upgrade of manufacturing worldwide. With manufacturing as its pillar industry, Taiwan is in dire need of industrial upgrade,” said Phillip Chang. Ayla’s IoT platform deployment worldwide conforms to Taiwan’s export-oriented economy and can facilitate its manufacturing upgrade. Ayla hopes to take advantage of Secutech 2016 to team up with more manufacturing customers in Taiwan in order to build a high-value-added manufacturing industry.
At Secutech 2016, Ayla also showcased the RemoteLock and RemotePlug developed in cooperation with leading smart lock manufacturer LockState, as well as cloud-based smart air conditioners developed in collaboration with Chinese manufacturer TCL, which garnered much attention.
During the Smart Home M2M Platform & Software Summit held concurrently with Secutech 2016, Ayla discussed the development trends and future prospects of smart home connectivity from the perspectives of technical application, cloud platform software and product design together with international experts from dozens of companies, including Unitech, GKB, Windawn Technology, Z-Wave Europe, and IHS Research.
In his keynote speech The Value of Cloud Platforms in the Era of Internet of Things, Robert CY CHANG, Channel Marketing and Regional Sales Director, Ayla Networks Greater China, noted that Ayla is an industry leader both from the professional and the cloud platform global connectivity perspective. Amid sluggish performance of the manufacturing industry both in Taiwan and worldwide, Ayla hopes to collaborate with global manufacturers to promote the transformation and upgrade of manufacturing worldwide.

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