Zonoff and Ayla Networks announces IoT cloud-to-cloud partnership

Zonoff and Ayla Networks announces IoT cloud-to-cloud partnership
Zonoff, the Consumer IoT platform provider that empowers the world’s top brands to deliver smart, seamless living, and Ayla Networks, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, announced an open cloud-to-cloud partnership at CES 2016. The partnership will greatly simplify the effort currently involved in enabling smart home systems and solutions to enlarge their ecosystems of connected products, while expanding the distribution channels for the manufacturers of the connected products.
“Establishing cloud-to-cloud connections like the one between the Zonoff and Ayla clouds will have a multiplier effect for everyone involved in the smart home ecosystem,” said Mike Harris, CEO and founder of Zonoff. “This partnership is about reducing the friction for companies wanting to enter and thrive in the new connected marketplace.”
“Now that manufacturers have gotten a taste of what’s possible through connectivity—including faster product iterations, stronger customer relationships and the flexibility to adapt to future unknowns—they’re realizing that the IoT is not a technology issue but rather a transformational process for all aspects of their businesses,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “Together, Ayla and Zonoff are accelerating this transformation for manufacturers, retailers, service providers and other players throughout the product value chain.”

Opening up IoT business with clouds that work together

Despite expectations that the IoT already means ubiquitous interconnectivity among products, the reality is that current IoT technologies are delivered through distinct on-premises, cloud or hybrid cloud systems. In a closed cloud system, only products designed for that particular cloud system will work with one another. In contrast, both Ayla and Zonoff offer protocol- and device-agnostic IoT platforms that can support cloud-to-cloud interoperation, which opens up the IoT business in new and important ways.
The Zonoff Consumer IoT platform serves markets including retail, service providers, home construction, home insurance and consumer electronics. Zonoff focuses on providing software and services that enable its clients to offer smart home systems and solutions to consumers that encompass products from multiple manufacturers.
Ayla works with manufacturers—including those selling consumer appliances, fire and safety systems, water treatment solutions, and heating and air conditioning products—to create connected versions of their products. Ayla’s fully integrated IoT platform, extending from connected product to cloud to the mobile or web app controlling the product, is designed from the ground up to deliver fast time to value.
Through their cloud-to-cloud partnership, Zonoff and Ayla enable benefits such as:
  • Retailers and service providers can more quickly and easily add to their portfolios of connected products, increasing consumers’ choices.
  • Manufacturers of connected products can expand their distribution channels to include additional retailers or service providers.
  • Zonoff will hold down its operational support costs and expand its clients’ ecosystem options without having to certify each connected device individually.
  • Ayla will be able to open up more channels for its manufacturer customers without additional cost to the manufacturers.
  • Consumers will have more options for interconnecting connected products from different manufacturers and through more retailers.
Source: Ayla Networks

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