NodOn uses EnOcean devices to reduce energy use in buildings

NodOn uses EnOcean devices to reduce energy use in buildings
Lighting and HVAC are two major sources of energy consumption in office buildings. Property managers can cut down the energy use either by making costly system overhauls or installing IoT devices to eliminate unnecessary energy use.

France-based NodOn is an IoT solution company that install smart technologies in homes and commercial spaces. Smart technologies permit energy savings between 20% to 30%, depending on the appliance and usage, according to NodOn’s communication officer Coralie Feillault. “Smart devices have to be adopted and deployed in offices, as well as homes and buildings. It is a real opportunity to cut down energy consumption.”

NodOn’s smart devices can be installed on existing appliances like lights, boilers and heaters. The company’s compact EnOcean Relay Switch can turn a traditional appliance into a smart one, so that the appliance can be controlled remotely or automated.

To enable automatic temperature adjustment, three devices will be needed: relay switch, gateway and temperature sensor. Users need to put temperature sensors in one or several rooms, install the relay switch to a boiler or heater, and pair the switch to a gateway. Scenarios can then be created. The heating system will be autonomous based on the temperature in the rooms, days or hours, or presence of people. This can prevent places from being unnecessarily heated.

NodOn’s relay switch may also be outfitted onto lights, which can then be automated or remotely controlled. To enable automation, motion sensors are needed to detect presence of people in meeting rooms, toilets or building halls.

EnOcean Smart Plug is another device that can help to reduce energy consumption. The smart plug can be connected to a variety of appliances like computers, lights, monitors, etc. in the office. It can measure power consumption of each connected appliance, and can also be scheduled to turn off power at 7 pm, for example, when everyone has left the office.

“Smart devices are easy to install and easy to use on a daily basis, it can automate the control of lights, HVAC and appliances in the office to make energy savings,” Feillault said. Smart devices can also save people time. If people want to verify that all lights and appliances have been turned off, they can do so remotely.

In terms of hardware selection, NodOn believes EnOcean devices are the choice. EnOcean is an energy harvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems. “Radio and battery-less devices are better. Radio devices are easy to install, and don’t necessitate construction works. Battery-less devices means no need to change batteries, which is a real gain for companies or individuals,” Feillault explained.

There are also devices running on protocols other than EnOcean. If devices using various protocols are used, they will be able to work together using a gateway that are compatible with various radio protocols like EnOcean, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, etc.

Feillault believes that after employing IoT devices, companies can realize a fairly decent return on investment (ROI). “The investment is relatively low as no construction works are needed. Maintenance fees are very low because not batteries are needed,” Feillault noted.

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