‘We would like to enable the smart home industry to grow with our service:’ Puls

‘We would like to enable the smart home industry to grow with our service:’ Puls
“They turn my house into a smart home in one day!” This is the way customers think of Puls, the service expert of smart home installation and setup.

With more than 50 locations around the United States, Puls’ services, whether smartphone, TV, or smart home setup, always stick to three goals: service in under one hour, tailored to each customer’s request, and completed in a high professional manner.

For smart home installation, individual homeowners can directly contact Puls online to book a preferred time or personalized consultation. “The hardest part of smart home setup is not installing the devices, but making devices connected to each other and controllable,” explained Eyal Ronen, CEO & Co-Founder of Puls. “When working with homeowners, we would like to identify first which smart ecosystem they have, or which type of products they need. This confirmation makes the entire process efficient.”
Eyal Ronen, CEO & Co-Founder of Puls

For example, if a user has an Android smartphone, then a Google smart home ecosystem might work more seamlessly with his smartphone control. Apart from individual homes or apartments, Puls can also install smart devices for rental housing or conference rooms of offices.

According to Ronen, smart speakers, security products like cameras, and lighting and temperature controls are the most popular requests in the US. However, the demand might differ from family types. Younger families prefer home entertainment systems, while the senior families need convenient control of smart thermostat and lighting. “Our well-trained technicians can not only complete installation for your home, but explain how your smart products work, or how to simplify device controls,” added Ronen.

Puls is now an official partner of ANTOP, Google, Hisense, Lighthouse, Samsung SmartThings, and SimpliSafe. The company is expecting to work with more smart product providers, especially companies that develops smart camera, locks, or AI security systems.

As smart home going on a broader path to smart living, Puls is planning to deploy globally in the coming future, targeting Latin America, Europe, and Asia in the same service pattern.

“There are more companies engaging in this market to bring new possibilities to our lives, and more users embracing home technologies that make their life easier,” concluded Ronen. “With Puls’ strong support and professional technicians, we would like to enable the smart home industry to grow with our service.”

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