Constructors are pushing building and hotel automation forward: NodOn

Constructors are pushing building and hotel automation forward: NodOn
French home and building automation expert NodOn has exhibited in Light + Building 2018 Frankfurt for the first time together with EnOcean Alliance. The company introduced the extension of its EnOcean wireless product line, including Relay Switch 2 Channels, Relay Switch 1 Channel Dry Contact, as well as Roller Shutter Module. These three new products are designed to smarten and fit in both retrofit and newly-built houses without complicated construction.

Relay Switch 2 Channels and Relay Switch 1 Channel Dry Contact are available to control the on/off of home appliances and lighting remotely, whilst the Relay Switch 1 Channel Dry Contact can especially control heating, boiler, and garage door systems.

Roller Shutter Module, on the other hand, is designed for smart home energy efficiency. Scenarios can be set to open the roller shutters at a certain indoor temperature, letting the heat outside flows in to adjust temperature naturally; or to open the roller shutters at only 20% for waking up users in the morning very softly.
From left to right: relay switch 2 channels, relay switch 1 channel
dry contact, and roller shutter module

NodOn sees that creating professionally installed connected buildings is a real trend. According to Coralie Feillault, PR & Communication Officer of NodOn, builders and constructors are a huge driver behind building automation implementation in European market, pushing the development fast forward. In addition, people are interested in equipping energy metering systems in their smart home.

With such trend, NodOn is equipped in a growing amount of new houses, and is said to connect 10,000 houses in a French housing project this year with its modules and products.

Expanding presence in building automation, NodOn also works with hotels by professional project. “Our technical support is collaborating closely with system integrators, assuring our devices are compatible with most of the gateways in the market,” explained Feillault.

Smart solutions of NodOn can already be found in hotels such as Mercure Hotels, Accor Hotels or Club Med. Feillault explained that, wireless or battery-less solutions are popular for hotels as the cost is relatively lower, less construction works, and the return on investment is fast with energy savings on heating or ventilation. “With NodOn products, hotels can retrofit rooms and add EnOcean devices for automation features like lighting and heating control, especially they turns off the heater automatically when no one is in the room,” said Feillault. “Moreover, the fast and easy setup requires no pause of hotel operation, making it an ideal option to simultaneously smarten the facility while avoiding revenue loss.”

To cope with market demand, NodOn is developing solutions connecting through Bluetooth Mesh network. Planning to be available this year, a complete range of home and building controls can be expected in the market.

Bluetooth Mesh allows end-user to set up and control smart devices directly without an extra gateway. With no doubt, simple setup is guaranteed to users with the convenience of home control and device configuration easily via smartphone app, or with a Bluetooth Mesh remote controller.

“Bluetooth Mesh creates a network between devices, resulting higher reach as each of the Bluetooth Mesh devices has a repeater mode. Another advantage is that users will be able to create simple scenarios on their app. For example, one wireless and battery-less wall switch will be able to control 5 lights directly, making group setting in a click,” commented Feillault.

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