Ardomus to unleash possibilities in smart building projects at 2018 SMAhome Expo

Ardomus to unleash possibilities in smart building projects at 2018 SMAhome Expo
Manufacturing the heart of connected buildings, Taiwan-based multi-protocol IoT gateway expert Ardomus keeps a key idea in mind: to benefit users with the great convenience of cross-standard IoT communication.

“In IoT and building automation, we are keen to offer our users enhanced connectivity, and bridge them across diverse communication protocols from multiple vendors,” explained Chinru Lin, Co-Founder of Ardomus, “After installed, the Ardomus IoT Gateway offers users a different experience of managing home and building automation.”
Ardomus IoT Gateway

At the upcoming SMAhome Expo in Taiwan from April 25 – 27, 2018, Ardomus is showcasing its wired and wireless multi-protocol gateways with live demonstration of building controls.

The plug-shaped Ardomus IoT Gateway supports multiple protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave, IQRF, WLAN, and is compatible with KNX and Modbus. The built-in AWS cloud agent supports project and device dashboard, allowing users an easier management of their connected devices.

Ardomus has cooperated with constructors, system integrators, installers, and interior designers on various project-based residential and commercial buildings. “We provide system integrators and our partners who install smart home systems a wider imagination. They are then enabled with even more device combinations and broader possibilities of application in connected home and building,” said Lin.

With future target in Europe and China, Lin said that European users value the quality of product and software design, whilst China owns a massive amount of potential users. Developing countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, on the other hand, rely on building projects with key builders and developers.

To better connect device to home network, Ardomus will integrate the high-speed and low-speed transmissions for advanced computing, efficient data transferring, and upgraded application. “From our experience in network connectivity, we believe this integration can bring in better performance of audio visual applications with other connected devices, creating a more-intuitive home experience,” commented Lin.

Continuing the focus on gateway optimization, Ardomus is expecting to bring its gateway supports to more application areas such as security surveillance and medicare.

“All of us are part of some kinds of the smart home ecosystem, only integration can make the solutions complete,” concluded Lin, “We are looking into the opportunity at 2018 SMAhome Expo to meet international smart home device makers and professional project owners to discuss all sorts of possibility in smart home. Ardomus is confident to show our value in completing the total solution.”

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