Enjoy everyday comfort with ABB

Enjoy everyday comfort with ABB
More time to spend on the finer things in life with intelligent home automation. ABB, the world’s leading company in electrical engineering, has developed automated solutions for the networked home which simplify daily life and at the same time immensely improve the quality of life.

“Alexa, play my favorite playlist!” Alexa replies: “Ok, I will play your favorite playlist.” A few seconds later the first melodious sounds are heard from the loudspeakers. At the same time the blind moves up slowly and the sunlight enters the bedroom. The coffee machine also starts its function. All this happens while the residents are still in bed. What a perfect start to the day!

These are made possible by the digital networking of domestic engineering and household appliances, which put the residents in a position to control the applications of daily life from anywhere. No need to get up because one’s wishes can be realized by not only conventional installed switches, but also conveniently with smartphone, tablet or via voice control. Aside from the direct control, there is also the option of controlling functions automatically at a defined time. Thanks to timing, for example, the kitchen can be heated in advance for a cozy breakfast on Sunday.

Almost unlimited possibilities

“No matter switching on lights, moving up blinds or playing one’s favorites music – smart functions and applications take over many of our daily tasks and make life as pleasant as possible”, emphasizes Mike Mustapha, Managing Director of Business Unit Building Products. “Additionally, the products and services of various suppliers are attuned to each other and can be flexibly networked, which makes living in the smart home more versatile.”

The cloud-based voice service Amazon Echo and the home sound system Sonos or Philips Hue lamps can be integrated into smart home systems. These digital assistants allow the lights, heating or even complete living scenes with suitable illumination and music to be controlled. In this way the smart home takes over much more than the daily routine, it combines individual living scenes according to personal wishes for all occasions. “Residents can combine different functions in a comfort scene and call them up with a tap of the finger,” explains Mustapha. For example, a previously defined scene for a cozy afternoon of reading in the living room can be activated: a room with a pleasant temperature, a reading lamp switched on above the sofa and the favorite radio station playing in the background.

Pleasant atmosphere at the press of a button

If visitors spontaneously announce themselves in the afternoon – no problem! Thanks to the smart door communication, residents can open the door with the smartphone or tablet from the sofa as soon as the bell has rung. On the display you can even see who is at the door outside. Also a pleasant atmosphere can be quickly created for an afternoon with guests.

“To create the right atmosphere it is important to provide the right kind of illumination”, explains Mustapha. “Thanks to intelligent light control, the host can design individual light scenes with which several lamps can be simultaneously controlled, specify the light intensity and the color suitable for the occasion.” The reading lamp goes out at a touch of a button and the dimmed light above the dining table goes on instead. Also the audio control can be integrated into the scene, for a discreet sound of music in the background.

Should the homeowner want to wind down with a film, they can simply turns their living room into an entertainment center. “Hi-Fi, audio and video systems can be networked with the Sonos home sound system”, according to Mustapha. “This creates a cinema atmosphere and rousing sound when watching series and films.” Film fans create the right atmosphere for an exciting film by combining and calling up the appropriate comfort scene. The scene changes at the touch of a button: blinds move down, lights dim and the color shade changes from a sociable orange to a cool blue.

Before the residents go to bed, a tap with the finger on the everything-off switch is sufficient for the entire lighting to switch itself off. This ensures an undisturbed nights sleep and enables the evening’s elements to be controlled easily.

*This is a sponsored article by ABB.

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