eQ-3 continues to extend solutions for aging independence

eQ-3 continues to extend solutions for aging independence
With over 60 product available in Homematic IP, eQ-3 is launching Homematic IP Wired at Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt, adding a complete range of BUS-based, wired smart devices that can be transparently integrated with Homematic IP wireless devices. The new launch further underlines the value of using IPv6 as the base standard for communication in all devices.

Standing in a crowd of smart home providers, eQ-3 remain optimistic in its market strategy. From the company’s perspective, attracting sales is easy with products that can excite consumers. Focusing on how to excite consumer is the key to success.
Bernd Grohmann, CEO of eQ-3 AG

But how is this achieved? “One needs to have simple starter kits that are easily explained at the POS. The products need to be very easily installed and configured – with no technical excuses or specialties,” emphasized Bernd Grohmann, CEO of eQ-3 AG. “Consumers are not excited in finding little differences that make devices under the same ‘standard’ not interoperable,” Grohmann added.

eQ-3 finds that once homeowners start using smart home, they are likely to extend the solution into additional applications. To accommodate such idea, comprehensive line of truly interoperable and sustainable products is required. “Ten years’ availability appears to be the minimum requirement for smart home devices. Reliable product functionality as well as secure data privacy of eQ-3, verified by trustworthy VDE, are our commitment to consumer,” said Grohmann.

With a growth of 154% compared to the previous year, Homematic IP continues to set clear positions in the smart home market, and has achieved almost 70% of revenue growth in retail. As eQ-3 products allow for white-label and OEM, growing number of providers such as Deutsche Telekom RWE, innogy, and Bosch are examples.

Comprehensive solution to deal with aging population

Since years, eQ-3 has been providing solutions for the aging elderly to enable independent control of heating, lighting, ventilation, window shades, and doors, all in one press of a button or voice command.

To push forward the open system, eQ-3 has made available of all the software of CCU2 central controller for Homematic IP on GitHub. The associated license allows users to make customized changes or additions to the software. Correspondingly, various system integrators have made this software package the basis of their own commercial offerings.

Instead of focusing on medical questions, eQ-3 targets the need and desire of people and improves their comfort, convenience as well as safety. “Elderly care in smart home lets the elders to live in their loved homes longer, reducing cost compared to living in retirement homes,” said Grohmann, “by working with licensed Homematic IP partners targeting ‘aging independently’, eQ-3 is very open to add more companies like healthcare and wellness providers into our partner programs.”

Continuous personnel training to face ongoing market challenge

The steadily growing Homematic IP range includes product applications of indoor climate, security, light and shading, weather and environment as well as numerous accessories. In January 2018, a Homematic IP device was again the winner in Stiftung Warentest, a leading German testing organization for multimedia and consumer goods. Homematic IP’s Q-Label smoke alarm system was ranked first among multiple smart home smoke detectors.

Facing the competitive smart home market, eQ-3 believes the exact talent matching of their team will make them stand out from international smart home players. “We are extending our efforts in initial academic education and continuous personal development, offering an attractive alternative to the ambiguity of both financially-driven large corporations and VC-funded startups,” explained Grohmann confidently.

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