ELAN to land more condo projects following success with Pacific Gate San Diego

ELAN to land more condo projects following success with Pacific Gate San Diego
Pacific Gate by Bosa, the newly developed splendid condominium and landmark with awesome beach view of San Diego, has recently announced its installation of ELAN home automation systems in all of its luxurious suites. According to Bret Jacob, Core Brands Director of Builder Sales, the powerful ELAN automation package and the rich knowledge of professional technicians will provide residents a fully personalized living experience, and customize all suites into a preferred smart home. More ELAN high-end condominium projects can be expected in the future.

1. In this cooperative project, what did Pacific Gate want to accomplish by incorporating automation? How does ELAN specifically meet their requirements?

From the onset of the project, Bosa, the developer of Pacific Gate, knew that they were going to offer motorized shade control in each condominium. This initial interest led to further discussions with local integration firm American Home Entertainment (AHE). The company were asked to submit a proposal for a fully integrated system that added smart climate and lighting control to each unit.

After extensive evaluation, the ELAN Control Platform was chosen by Bosa because of our open architecture, programming efficiencies that contribute to rapid deployment, abundant automation experience worldwide, and the existing reputation as a reliable and extremely easy-to-use system.

2. What specific products and systems are included in Pacific Gate suites? Do the systems for the Luxury Collections and Estate Collections differ?

Bret Jacob, Core Brands Director of
Builder Sales

Each standard unit includes a dedicated ELAN TP7 7” touch panel, Lutron lighting and shades, and building-wide control of HVAC utilizing IntensisBox gateways. All buyers of Pacific Gate condos have the option to add and choose from three levels of entertainment packages, which include distributed audio and video switching through ELAN’s HDMI 4K video products, with Sunfire and SpeakerCraft audio solutions - all of which can be controlled by an award-winning ELAN HR10 or HR30 remote.

3. Apart from the selected ELAN package, will there be an option for customized home controls? If yes, please provide some examples.

All buyers of Pacific Gate have multiple ways to control their ELAN home system – both while at home and away. In addition to the dedicated ELAN TP7 touch panel and optional HR10/HR30 remote control, the residents of Pacific Gate can also utilize their personal mobile devices – iOS, Android, PC, and Apple through the ELAN app. All of these devices provide the residents of Pacific Gate with full control of their unit’s climate, lighting, shades, television and music sources. Further, all units are 100% operable when buyers take ownership of their unit; in addition, AHE technicians are available to provide personalization and customization for each resident after move-in.

4. How does this project tie into the ELAN New Home Program? How can Pacific Gate lead to more future opportunities for ELAN?

The ELAN New Home Program provides installers with a range of control solutions and extremely important “sell-through” services that are personalized to meet the needs of each project. In addition to providing project oversight, the ELAN New Home Program has provided American Home Entertainment with sales and marketing materials to help enhance and improve sell-through of the entertainment packages to the buyers at Pacific Gate. Due to the high visibility of this world-class building, we expect to further expand ELAN’s presence in the luxury multi-family space.

5. Does ELAN have plans to work with similar condominium projects in the near future?

Definitely, we are actively involved in similar projects in Tampa, Sarasota, Dallas, and Denver!

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