Automation and voice control are the natural progression: Leviton

Automation and voice control are the natural progression: Leviton
Over the past few months, Leviton has launched its Decora Smart product line, a series of smart lighting control devices compatible with a variety of smart home eco-systems and technology platforms.

With over 110 years of manufacturing experience, Leviton has 30 years of high-end global experience in home and commercial automation industries. “The next steps of automation are a natural progression for us. High-end home automation and commodity business are coming together as one, where consumers can dip into smart home technology at a very reasonable cost,” said Tom Leonard, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Leviton’s Energy Management Controls & Automation Division, “We’ve been in many of the automation spaces, but our mission now is to make every home a smart home.”

Leviton looks forward to the promising future of voice control and believes it can upgrade consumers’ lives to the next stage. “Voice control today has done what smartphones did ten years ago to the industry, and it is quickly becoming more attainable, accessible and comfortable for consumer use,” said Greg Rhoades, Director of Marketing for Leviton’s Energy Management Controls & Automation Division, “One of the most compelling things about voice control is that consumers don’t have to learn to use it, and it can now make devices react.”

Various compatibility of Decora Smart

Leviton has strong relationships with consumers, contractors and builders alike. Consumers have an affordable and convenient platform to expand on home technology through simple solutions.

For Leviton’s professional customers, the latest Decora Smart products allow electricians to use existing set of skills to provide customers with a smart home technology option for the lighting controls. A similar opportunity also exists for builders and contractors who have been hesitant to adopting the hub-based solutions in the past.

Decora Smart with Wi-Fi enabled devices provide hubless, time-based schedules, and are integrated with voice controls via My Leviton app, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The customizable solution is easily accessible via firmware and app updates, including IFTTT, which triggers automation activity based on events using third-party devices, and Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi devices.

As for the compatibility with HomeKit, Decora Smart allows customizable lighting control using Apple devices and Siri. This product series includes 600 Watt and 1000 Watt in-wall dimmers, as well as a 15 Amp switch with multi-way capability. They are all wireless and individually HomeKit-enabled, requiring no centralized hub or bridge to coordinate the accessories.

Also, Decora Smart with Z-Wave Technology features a highly advanced design with two-way feedback, scene capability, and Z-Wave enabled hub support, like Samsung SmartThings and Wink HUB, to provide remote access and scheduling.

Leviton has set the next mission to make smart technology ubiquitous and build safe, convenient homes. In setting out to achieve this goal, Leviton developed various solutions that meet different segments in the industry. “Looking ahead, we are very excited about how voice control devices are changing the way in which we react to the appliances in our homes for convenience and entertainment, and we see lighting and lighting controls being an area of growth within this segment,” said Rhoades.

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