Angee sells security cameras via subscription plans

Angee sells security cameras via subscription plans
Angee, a security camera maker first became known via Kickstarter, has launched monthly-based subscription plans, instead of asking customers to pay for the hardware.
Angee’s Home Security as a Cloud Subscription Service platform has been officially released in the U.S. Customer can play a subscription fee starting at US$16.99 per month for the home security system with no upfront hardware costs.
The Basic subscription plan costs US$16.99 monthly and the Extended plan costs US$19.99. The difference between is that the Basic plan offers one security tag, a sensor to be placed around the door or window for motion detection, while the Extended plan provides three. There’s also a US$24.99 one-time activation fee.
Both plans also include unlimited cloud storage, one camera device, access to real-time alerts, 24/7 live view access and more.
Angee’s security camera features a turnable camera top, which covers 360-degree of view at home. It works with the security tags to form a home security system. With the tag placed on the front door, the system will automatically arm as homeowners leave the house, and disarm when they enter the house. No coding is needed.
The camera has a built-in battery, which powers the device for maintain home security during a power outage. The company claims that the battery can last for 10 hours. When the Wi-Fi goes offline, Angee will notify users via the app, keep recording the activity at home and save the footage locally.
Angee was first introduced in 2015 via a Kickstarter campaign. It was considered a pioneer product then. However, the company postponed product shipment until 2018, when companies like Nest, Netatmo, Honeywell and Canary have all already introduced similar products.
Angee’s camera had a retail price of US$429, which is relatively high compared to similar offerings. With the new subscription plan starting from US$16 per month, the company could attract more customers using its home security system.

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