Prioritizing major needs to simplify the communication with integrator: ELAN

Prioritizing major needs to simplify the communication with integrator: ELAN
US home system provider ELAN, a member in Core Brands, has rich installation experiences since 1989. While cooperating with homeowners, home dealers, builders and architects, ELAN found out that security and entertainment systems in smart homes are often the starter for homeowners.

ELAN considers the driver of the growing market is the “flood of stand-alone smart products”, but to homeowners, they need to realize that not all these stand-alone solutions can enhance the homes to be an  ideal smart home automation, because there are  no cohesive or uniformed settings between the systems throughout the residence.

A list and a mind for future bring a personalized smart home

Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing
from Core Brands

For new users, ELAN suggests that they can list their absolute needs and prioritize between “needs” and “nice-to-haves.” So that system integrator can easily communicate with you to build the uniquely personalized systems fitting to your requirement.

“Think not only about now, but also the future and potential add-ons you might need,” suggested Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing from Core Brands. For example, a homeowner is interested in a system that combines security with lighting and a home theater system, and he plans to do a major outdoor landscaping project in the future. If the integrator is aware of the outdoor plans, the system of today should be designed to be compatible with the future expansion plan.

The communication between homeowners and integrators is a crucial step, because the various subsystems can work together within one control system to achieve the most comprehensive performance. “Make sure the system that you’re selecting encompasses everything you want to accomplish. A comprehensive smart home system eliminates the need to add multiple apps and control switches, simplifying the process for the homeowner,” explained Hensley.

Targeting the extraordinary home experience in US, UK and Ireland markets

ELAN has the goal to help their installers creating extraordinary using experiences for the end-users. ELAN has recently launched a new line-up of HDMI video distribution solutions, including Video over IP, which delivers visually lossless video and virtually latency-free distribution of HDMI video at 4K UHD resolution over a 1GB Ethernet Switch.

The industry has been requesting a video over IP solution which is extremely scalable for today’s large residential installations, and ELAN’s new 4K Video over IP line does just that. “AV distribution is an essential component of home control and automation systems, and ELAN dealers now have virtually infinite configurability options for their installations with the new introduction,” said Hensley.

Apart from the US market, the UK and Ireland are also crucial international markets for ELAN products, with triple digit sales growth over the last two years. “Our exclusive ELAN distributor in the UK, Indigo Distribution, has a deep understanding of the product line, which they translate into great support to help their dealers delight homeowners with smart, connected solutions,” said Hensley.

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