2018 SMAhome Expo must-sees: Home care with quality

2018 SMAhome Expo must-sees: Home care with quality
“Independent living” is a big topic nowadays as people in small families have less time to take care of their parents and children 24/7. With smart connected products to support the security, comfort, and healthcare, the elders are able to effortlessly keep their smart homes in good order while remaining the quality of lives. The following smart products are the selected must-sees at 2018 SMAhome Expo upcoming in Taipei.

Essence WeR@Home

Cloud-based connected-living solution WeR@Home enables homeowners to easily create scenarios that trigger multiple actions at a single touch, even the elders who lived alone can automate their home settings by grouping connected devices into scenarios. The comprehensive solution includes perimeter alarms, motion detection, notification, live video, door/window locks and control, and access control. While keeping controlled of everything at home, WeR@Home also saves energy usage from lighting or ventilation. Users can enjoy the easy DIY setup and convenient management.

TASHI Elfin Lite

Elfin Lite is a total home solution covering access control, home device automation, calls and home care. Connected to the home network, the main gateway MT101 communicates to security sensors, light and shades, home appliances, and healthcare meters via Zigbee protocol. An emergency button is also in the system to take care of the elders all the time. They can also make video calls to their doctors and get medical instructions and prescriptions remotely.

FULL Smart Elderly Care Package

The service network of Smart Elderly Care Package is based on a smart gateway, and it links a wireless voice assistant, SOS emergency button, smart plug, and PIR sensor. The button and sensor can help the elders to live independently with the care and family assistance when needed. The PIR sensor can detect if someone walk by or fall down, and make responding reactions such as sound the siren, send notifications for help, or automate other home settings. The wireless voice assistant enables the elders to voice control connected devices easily from bed or anywhere.

Bintronic Smart Roman Shades

Adding style and adjusting sunlight, a smart shade provides even more benefit for a smart home with handy remote control. The Smart Roman Shades of Bintronic can be programmed and operated easily in the home network, supporting single shade or group shading for whole home automation scenes. For the elders who live independently, the one-touch control of Smart Roman Shades enables an effortless open/close of the shading. Overload and overheat are also protected automatically.

Aleph AHS-1000 Smart Security Alarm Center

AHS-1000 Smart Security Alarm Center of Aleph, by AIN Technology, connects home users to IoT home security via smartphone. When users are at home, the alarm center can serve as a doorbell or home control panel; when users go out, the alarm center turns into a security alarm and remote control of home devices. Users can also connect AHS-1000 Smart Security Alarm Center with PIR sensor or door/window sensor, to automatic activate alarm and enhance security.

iHorn LHT201 Video Alarm Hub

LHT201 Video Alarm Hub is both a 720P HD security camera and communication gateway for home. Supporting RF and Wi-Fi, it links home security devices like smoke or water sensors and wireless siren into the home network to control in simple clicks. With the two-way communication, families can talk to their kids or the elders remotely via smartphone app. Apart from private homes, LHT201 Video Alarm Hub can also fit in rental housing, offices, or retail shops.

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