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Security sensing around the home in exchange for peace of mind

Security sensing around the home in exchange for peace of mind
Security is still often the top demand while mentioning smart applications nowadays. For consumers and system integrator of building or community projects, entire solution that takes care of more than one device, more than a single possible scenario is a better choice than mixing single products from everywhere.

With updated security sensing applied in comprehensive home applications, SMAhome will walk you through the entire home space and explain various security sensing solution for smart home.

The first defense stands outdoors

As the first protection of homes, outdoor areas like the fences of home, garden gates of a community, or bedroom balcony can prevent intruders by active movement scanning. Consisting of active infrared transmitter and receiver, iHorn Multi-beam Window/Door Barrier LHP-6Z uses multiple IR beam and dual beam identification method to tell intrusion, and notify homeowner or community guard instantly.
iHorn Multi-beam Window/Door Barrier LHP-6Z

iHorn Multi-beam Window/Door Barrier LHP-6Z is thin enough to fit almost anywhere. With adjustable sensitivity of movement, environment change, light intensity, and time schedules, users can easily customize alarms for home and communities based on their personal demand. Activation for outdoor camera or alarms to regional emergency center is also available for such prevention. The sensing distance is optional from 5 to 60 meters, available for both larger holiday houses and residential communities.

On the other side of the backyard or garage entrance, the ACI Smart Surveillance system is not only working for access control, but the security sensing and recognition of movement, faces, license plate of vehicles, as well as fire.

Supported by robust cloud-based data center, ACI Smart Surveillance solution integrates 3Drens, Network Optix, and Vision Labs recognition algorithms, as well as the emergency contact to users’ call center or police station/fire safety department. Accident or sudden event can directly trigger alerts. In case of unusual movement or car accidents around the house, homeowners will be able to get rapid assistance from all authority concerned.

Indestructible sensor web in home to protect what you treasure most

Walking into the front door, the smart security sensors are ready deployed in every corner to protect the smart home. Surrounded by HS1 series of sensors around the house, the Heiman HS1 GW Gateway, selectable to use Z-Wave or Zigbee protocol, communicates and helps homeowners to get a full control of movement, door status, temperature, smoke, and gas or water leakage. More than a hundred devices can be connected to the same gateway simultaneously.
Heiman HS1 series sensor

With preset schedules, HS1 series of sensors is armed with high attention. In case of intruders, the door sensor reports first of the unusual change of door opening, and the motion sensor will follow up the movement detection with instant alerts to the homeowners. As for sudden fire accident in the kitchen, smoke and carbon monoxide sensor will tell the wrong situation within the air, and the temperature sensor will report the overheating indoors.

To minimize the damage from fire and enhance fire prevention, AnWeife has the solution to eliminate smoke indoors. Connecting up to 30 wireless smoke sensors and automatic window opener, the AnWeife security system can automate window to open based on the detection of smoke, reducing intensity of smoke and harmful gas.

Not only for homes, the AnWeife security system aslo works well in shopping malls, factories, as well as nursing homes. The sensor installed in different rooms or different layers of building can send off alarms at the same time with each wireless direct transmission ranging to 30 meters far. With daily schedules, connected window opener can also enhance indoor ventilation.

On the other hand, Kneron NPU, a neural network processor that provides high computing performance with low power consumption, supports Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) technology for the applications of visual recognition and deep learning. Kneron’s visual recognition solutions can recognize human faces, bodies, gesture, objects, and scenes.

Applying into home surveillance and security sensing, Kneron’s edge AI recognition solution can instantly detect faces, verify identities, and recognize dangerous objects such as knives. When a thief sneak in, the camera with Kneron solution can instantly detect the stranger, the unusual gesture or walking pattern in the house, and the dangerous tools used to break in. Further, the recognition can be programmed to connect other home security devices to arm an emergency scenario, and send alerts to the police station.

With the AI deep learning and scene recognition capability, users can also interpret an image of dangerous accident and write a sentence to describe the scene, enhancing Kneron’s recognition of danger.

Invisible threats deserves awareness

After having the physical security control settled, those invisible attackers in the home wireless network are also a not-to-miss weak point.
Turris Omnia

Czech-based Turris has always put network security as their priority. The black Turris Omnia is a box that combines home network router, home automation gateway, and the cybersecurity protector. The unique security feature is called Honeypots.

In pools of fake accounts and internet attackers, Turris Omnia runs a farm of so called Honeypots, which simulate a running system and simultaneously observe potential attackers in the network. Users are allowed to configure Turris Omnia to redirect suspicious traffic to the Honeypot and get records of caught attackers and their actions.

The whole action process is completed on Turris’ server to protect privacy of end devices, and the collected data will be shared to other Turris routers for future-proof prevention.

Protecting home with various solutions, all the applications actually share a common goal: enable people to focus on what really matters. And for the rest of the concern, people can rely on advanced technology. Some also target the future trend of reducing cost of security guard, meaning a further change of current security concept and the blend of technologies with our smart living.

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