IDIS video tech now available for the Middle East and Africa projects

IDIS video tech now available for the Middle East and Africa projects
An extensive distribution agreement was signed between IDIS and value-added IT distributor Mindware, which will make it easier for IT/network integrators across the Middle East and Africa to deliver advanced video surveillance projects.

The deal means that from now onwards, Mindware can offer their channel partners a single supply route for high-level video surveillance installations and turnkey applications, covering both IT and security by IDIS, a manufacturer of security and surveillance technology in South Korea and a globally-recognized provider in advanced surveillance innovation.

“The distribution agreement with Mindware substantially extends IDIS’s reach across the region and opens an essential sales channel to specialist IT network integrators”, confirmed Harry Kwon, the General Manager of IDIS Middle East and North Africa.

“Integrators who already deliver successful IT network projects will particularly love our  DirectIP®  offering because it is a genuinely plug-and-play video solution. It is easy to work with and ideal for all commercial-grade security applications,” Kwon added.

In addition to DirectIP, IDIS’s full range of surveillance solutions will now be available across the Middle East and Africa through Mindware.  This includes the company’s line-up of award-winning IP cameras and NVRs, as well as the IDIS Solution Suite modular video management software.

“This is advanced IP video technology with the complexity removed and backed by full technical support across the region and it is now supplied by the most trusted distributor,” added Kwon.

“For Network, IT and Communications integrators the availability of IDIS video technology is a one more welcome addition to our top-class vendor portfolio,” agrees Nicholas Argyrides, Chief of Sales & Marketing and Deputy GM at Mindware. “More end-to-end solution offerings by Mindware means, naturally, more value to more end-clients across the region.”

“We are delighted that IDIS plug-and-play video technologies will open up significant new profit opportunities for our customers, allow them to extend the services they propose and compete for projects which often offer higher margins,” Argyrides added.

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