IOTAS brings smart home functionality to the multi-family rental market

IOTAS brings smart home functionality to the multi-family rental market
Smart apartment enabler IOTAS recently launched IOTAS Connect, an enterprise-level smart home hub designed to meet the unique needs of the multi-family rental market.

Unlike many point solutions often used in apartments today, IOTAS Connect integrates with lights, outlets, thermostats, door locks, fans and multi-sensor devices throughout a property, enabling residents to remotely access their home via a smartphone app.

By placing IOTAS Connect hubs in each unit and common spaces, developers will save overall energy costs and control vacant units with a touch of a button from the dashboard. IOTAS also track potential water, heating/cooling and electrical issues to carry out “proactive maintenance.”

The IOTAS Connect hub drives the entire smart home ecosystem, controlling products from Honeywell, Nest, Echo, Schneider and GE, among others.

The hub delivers a turnkey solution to have smart amenities up-and-running in a matter of minutes. With advanced machine learning capabilities, IOTAS Connect can adapt to resident behavior and automate energy saving.

IOTAS was recently named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree for its ability to address the challenges property developers and owners face when trying to deliver a completely connected home experience.

IOTAS, which stands for IoT as a Service, is a U.S.-based developer of a smart home platform for the rental market. The company enables property developers to easily and quickly install smart outlets, switches, thermostats, door locks, sensors and more by streamlining the set-up and deployment process. With this premium offering, building owners and operators can attract new tenants and premium rents, while lowering utility and management costs.

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