African telecom MTN holds hands with Huawei bringing first NB-IoT solution and smart home in Africa

African telecom MTN holds hands with Huawei bringing first NB-IoT solution and smart home in Africa
Chinese tech firm, Huawei, has partnered with African telecommunications MTN bring the first NB-IoT solution in Africa. Also, MTN will expand NB-IoT network to other markets in Africa with Huawei as a technology provider.

The first NB-IoT solution launched jointly by MTN and Huawei will be on smart water meters. The solution will automatically collect utility meter data and detect water pipeline leakage in an early stage then send alerts, solving data missing and improving water leakage problem. The data gathered by the water meters can further be used on water waste control, faults identification and health and safety outcome improvement. 

The Smart Water Metering service provided by MTN plans to be commercialized in 2017.

At the same time, MTN will roll out NB-IoT network with Huawei’s technology. The telecom plans to use the 900 MHz spectrum in South Africa for NB-IoT deployment in 2017. MTN wants to bring the technology to Nigeria, and across the rest of the 22 markets where the company operates in the near future. 

Besides of smart water meter solution, MTN might bring more NB-IoT applications to the market. For example, a smart fridge with smoke and temperature sensors and cameras built-in can detect activities and inventory through its door; or an insurance device which can collects driver information and track the driver behavior and the vehicle in real time.

The partner in this deal, Huawei, has been promoted heavily its digital services in Africa. The first is to improve the connectivity in the continent. Huawei Marine has partnered with 20 carriers to build eight new submarine cable systems to provide better international data access for 15 countries. 

With the NB-IoT deployment, Huawei will also introduce its smart home solution to the continent, including a smart home gateway, various smart home appliances and an IoT connected devices management platform.

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