2018 SMAhome Voice Command Center to enable Asian B2B professionals experiencing voice controlled smart home for business

2018 SMAhome Voice Command Center to enable Asian B2B professionals experiencing voice controlled smart home for business
With 22,000+ business viewers in 2017 visiting booths and learning new technologies in the show floors, this year, SMAhome International Conference & Exhibition is featuring a brand new Voice Command Center for smart living, aiming to educate and promote AI-enhanced smart home solutions with virtual assistants. Major voice control ecosystems including Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit will be showcased in home-like environment with live demonstrations.

Earlier this year, a research conducted by NPR and Edison Research indicated that one in six adults in the United States owns a smart speaker at home. If we apply the same ratio to the entire country, there are around 39 million people who has a smart speaker.

Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of CES and the largest tech trade association in the US, also predicts the voice-controlled smart speakers will continue growth in 2018 with 43.6 million in unit sales, while reaping in US$3.8 billion in revenues. The popularity of smart speakers is likely to drive smart home adoption, CTA observed, predicting that sales in the category – including smart thermostats, smart smoke and air quality detectors, IP/Wi-Fi cameras, smart locks and doorbells, smart home systems and smart switches, dimmers and outlets – to reach US$4.5 billion in 2018, which represents a 34-percent increase.

In light of the growth, SMAhome International Conference & Exhibition 2018 would like to provide a technical environment for Asian home automation professionals and other business specialists from industries like security, communication, hotel and so forth to experience the latest voice controlled smart home technologies.

“Voice commend is not only a technology. It changes the way of how people think of smart home and appeals people to enjoy the solutions. Although there are still limitations of Asian languages supports, the smart devices like Google home and Amazon Echo have been aware and popular in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and some high-internationalized Asian cities such as Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong and more,” commented Veronica Chen, Editor-in-chief of SMAhome.

“SMAhome voice command center is Asia’s first demo of its kind. More than smart home, we are seeing various applications are or will be using the technologies. So at the show, we are inviting makers to demo diversified scenarios for targeted visitors to understand the possibilities of voice controlled smart home solutions for hotels, communities, staffless stores and elderly care,” Chen said.

Three demo centers at the 2018 show will respectively present cross-brand device operations under Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. The centers enable international B2B buyers, including distributors and system integrators, a field experience of voice command for their consideration of business offering upgrades in smart hotel, smart nursing house, home automation and more applicable areas.

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