Comelit’s SimpleHome home automation empowers residents at assisted-living complex

Comelit’s SimpleHome home automation empowers residents at assisted-living complex
Comelit is installing its SimpleHome intelligent home automation system at a supported living community in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Working alongside Atlas Fire and Security (NI) the smart home specialist is providing a bespoke installation tailored to the needs of a development with 13 wheelchair-accessible apartments and staff accommodation. The apartments, which are owned by the Triangle Housing Association, are designed to empower residents with mobility issues, learning disabilities and mental health problems.

A metal Comelit Ikall entrance panel will be installed at the main gate. Connected to the building over an IP network the panel has a colour camera and a two-way speaker unit. Its modular  design includes MIFARE readers and numerical keypads that can easily be added as a site or phased project develops, or the door entry needs at the building change.

Each apartment will be fitted with an Icona Manager monitor that combines Comelit’s ViP door entry functions with the latest in home automation. The slimline, surface or flush-mounted unit features a 4.3″ touchscreen display with gesture recognition for easy menu navigation.

Icona Manager allows residents to permit temporary access for health workers without interaction at the monitor. Other safety features include flood detectors and heat sensors that trigger an input on the system and an immediate alarm to staff, as well as heating and ventilation controls in individual apartments to manage electricity consumption. Managers can also remotely disconnect and control power sockets within individual apartments.


Family and staff will use the wall-mounted Icona Manager primarily to control the system. However, residents will have use of a third-party smart tablet device to control video door entry, call for emergency assistance and to manage core home automation functions like heating and lighting control.

“If tenants are wheelchair users or have mobility issues, then the ability to control door entry, configure home automation and call for warden assistance, all from a tablet on their lap, is invaluable,” says Mike Campbell, business development manager at Comelit Group UK,.

The project is the culmination of a three-year consultation during which Atlas visited Comelit’s headquarters in Italy to watch detailed demonstrations. Donaghmore Construction Ltd, which has registered the project with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, is contractor on the project.

Source: Comelit Group

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