WeMo Maker works with IFTTT and delivers WeMoed home control

WeMo Maker works with IFTTT and delivers WeMoed home control
WeMo, the home automation ecosystem created by Belkin International, announced availability of the WeMo Maker, a build-your-own WeMo solution that enables users to control or monitor any low-voltage electronic device from a smartphone or tablet.

The WeMo Maker connects to nearly any device controlled with a low-voltage DC switch, allowing users to turn devices on or off or put them on schedules via any smartphone or tablet and the WeMo app. The WeMo Maker also enables users to connect to a wide range of 5V sensors for remote monitoring and automated control via sensor inputs. Sensors that will work with WeMo Maker include light sensors, motion sensors, moisture sensors, temperature sensors, flame sensors, and carbon monoxide sensors, to name a few. WeMo Maker seamlessly integrates with other WeMo products and also works with IFTTT to connect to a wide variety of Internet services and applications such as email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“The beauty of the WeMo Maker is that it allows almost anything to be ‘WeMoed’: a pet feeder, motorized window treatments, sprinkler systems, pool pumps, or even a Nerf Dart Gun “easily bringing the Internet of Things to practically any device you can think of, without having to know how to code,” said Ohad Zeira, director of product management for WeMo. “We are thrilled that Popular Science recognized the WeMo Maker’s unique ability to bring the maker movement to more people and named it to their annual Best of What’s New list.”

To demonstrate the versatility and uniqueness of the WeMo Maker, a group of WeMo users were seeded the product and asked to put their creative minds to work. Among the devices created include an elder care alert system, designed to notify caregivers of potential falls or accidents using the WeMo Maker, a sensor and a wireless key fob; and an animal deterrent system, which used the WeMo maker to prevent wayward pets from using the porch as a bathroom with a quick spray from a garden hose.

“Not only does WeMo Maker round out the WeMo ecosystem with a DIY option, but it also provides fantastic market research opportunities and allow us to see exactly what kind of WeMo devices our users are looking for,” said Zeira. “We can’t wait to see what people will create using the maker once it is available to a broader audience.”

WeMo Maker (F7C043)
  • Control nearly any low-voltage electronic device via smartphone or tablet and free WeMo app
  • Knowledge of electrical wiring required
  • Use triggers from a variety of sensors
  • Works with IFTTT for endless customization and connection to web services and apps
  • Seamless integration with other WeMo products

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