Amroad presents system that integrates intercoms and door stations with lights, sensors and emergency buttons

Amroad presents system that integrates intercoms and door stations with lights, sensors and emergency buttons
Amroad presents the Amroad System, which integrates video entry system, access control, technical alarms, and basic video surveillance, at SMAhome Expo 2016 from April 19 to 21 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Products being showcased include AMROAD P3, AMROAD P5, and AMROAD P9 from the Precision Line and AMROAD DP32-Series from the Basic Line.

The Precision Line offers indoor intercom systems that can find applications in villas and residential complexes for example. The intercom systems can be used for communication within a single unit and also between different units and the security guards. Launched in late 2012, AMROAD P3 was the first product for the line.
Debuting at the show, AMROAD P5 is a streamlined version of the AMROAD P9, which launched in 2015. AMROAD P5 offers the key functionalities of AMROAD P9 while having a smaller form factor and providing users the choice of four colors. The user can choose to use one of the two models or a combination of both.

A special highlight of AMROAD P5 is that when the user presses an emergency button that has been integrated into the system, the AMROAD P5 can automatically call the security guard and the emergency contacts to get help. The calls are made sequentially – if the call is not answered by the contact being called, the device will initiate another call to the next contact.
DP-32 series from the Basic Line offers entry-level door stations and currently has two models – DP3211 and DP3212. DP3211 comes with a camera while DP3212 doesn’t. Both models are IP56 rated and records in H.264 compression format. Similarly, users can use either DP3211 or DP3212, or they can use a combination of both. The series is also compatible with AMROAD P5 and P9. Using mobile apps such as PortGo and Linphone, users can remotely answer calls made from all the devices – DP-32 series, AMROAD P5 and AMROAD P9.

The Amroad System can also integrate lights, sensors (e.g., smoke sensors, CO sensors and door/window sensors) and emergency buttons through the Amroad I/O controller the company offers. Besides connection to the user’s Wi-Fi router through an Ethernet cable, the controller can also connect to other gateways such as Z-Wave or ZigBee gateways through its I/O ports for higher levels of integration.

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