HomeScan lets HomeKit users check Bluetooth signal strength

HomeScan lets HomeKit users check Bluetooth signal strength
Aaron Pearce, an app developer for HomeKit users, has launched a new application called HomeScan, which allows homeowners to check signal strength of all their HomeKit-enabled devices connecting via Bluetooth.

When users open the app and walk around the house, the app will show the signal strength in real time with a dashboard. A 0 to 100% strength meter shows the value with a circle graph. Users can also have the app say the number out loud when they walk around the house.

If the value is low, they can then consider to move the sensor or gadget to a new locations, or move a home hub closer to it.

Afterall, if the devices lose connections with HomeKit, homeowners won’t be able to control them remotely via iPhones, iPads or Siri.

HomeScan will automatically find the registered HomeKit devices at home. If the automatic linking fails, users can also manually assign them.

HomeKit accessories use different protocols connecting to the Apple platform. For instance, the Philips Hue light hub talks to lightbulbs over the Zigbee protocol, and communicate with user’s iPhone or Apple TV over Wi-Fi.

Some battery-powered devices, like sensors, use the Bluetooth HomeKit protocol. They connect directly to iOS devices and HomeKit hubs, including Apple TV and HomePod, via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth network provides a wide connection range generally. However, the signal can be degraded because of thick walls or interference of appliances. That’s the problem HomeScan wants to tackle.

Besides of HomeScan, the developer has also created two other HomeKit apps. The HomeCam enables users to view all HomeKit-supported cameras live on one screen; and the HomePass lets users to store all HomeKit device codes within one app and into the cloud.

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