Broadlink’s smart home products powered by Marvell’s IoT solution

Broadlink’s smart home products powered by Marvell’s IoT solution
Marvell announced that Hangzhou China based Broadlink Electronics Technologies has selected Marvell’s Wi-Fi microcontroller Internet of Things (IoT) platform to power Broadlink’s family of products for smart home automation.

Using Marvell’s Wi-Fi microcontroller and the Easy-Connect Software Development Kit (SDK) IoT platform, Broadlink has released SP2 Smart-Socket, RM2 Universal Home Controller and A1 Air Quality Monitor to the market. Together these products enable consumers to have a complete easy-to-use DIY home-automation solution that can intelligently control any electrical appliances, televisions and other infrared devices, garage door openers, light switches and more.

Marvell’s Wi-Fi microcontroller IoT platform is built upon Marvell’s 88MC200 Cortex-M3 microcontroller and 802.11n Avastar Wi-Fi SoC’s and is powered by Marvell’s Easy-Connect Software Development Kit (SDK) that addresses the communication aspects for IoT products, enabling customers to focus on delivering innovative new applications and services to consumers.

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