TruSense’s new PERS device features GPS and Alexa integration

TruSense’s new PERS device features GPS and Alexa integration
Smart home solutions provider TruSense has introduced a personal emergency alerts and response system (PERS) for the elderly living alone at home, featuring GPS and voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

The TruSense GPS Smart Pendant works with TruSense Home, a sensor-based smart home solution for senior people. The two work together to establish seamless care and monitoring.

The new pendant worn on the neck uses GPS detection. Therefore, when an elderly wearing it walk around or outside the house, caregivers can be aware of it via the mobile app. With Alexa integration, they may also ask the voice assistant where the elderly is and how he or she is doing.

Moreover, the system can also check if the elderly is wearing the pendant via GPS. When the elderly left home without wearing the pendant or if the pendant has stayed in the same spot for an unusual long period of time, the system will make an automated call or text-message to alert caregivers. Caregivers may further customize the settings on how long after the pendant stays in one spot should alerts be sent.

“Anyone who has ordered a PERS wearable device for their loved ones knows the biggest issue is getting them to wear it,” said Rob Deubell, Senior Vice President of TruSense. “Seniors are often at risk with single-solution products, as they have a false sense of security when they forget to charge or wear their pendants.”

The TruSense GPS Smart Pendant supports two-way communications and is able to detect falls. If the elderly fell, family members and TruSense’s 24/7 emergency response center will receive alerts and provide helps immediately.

The company claims the device to have a long battery life. When the battery needs to be charged, it will let the elderly as well as caregivers know via text messages.

The TruSense GPS Smart Pendant is now available for $129 with monthly subscription for $17.49 in an annual plan. Month-to-month plan then costs $24.99 per month.

The company also offers the TruSense Home starter kit, which includes an Amazon Echo Dot, a smart outlet, the TruSense Hub, four motion sensors and one contact sensor.

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