Nest updates its app to provide door detection and animated push notifications

Nest updates its app to provide door detection and animated push notifications
Nest has released an update of its mobile app offering automatic door detection and lock-screen alert notification to its premium customers.

Improvements were made to an existing feature called Signtline, which present “key moments” from available Nest devices, including Nest Cam Outdoor and the Nest Cam. Users can set specific zones to be monitored and the device will send alerts to the app when unusual movements are detected.

Now, the update powered by machine learning algorithms and pattern recognition enables the device to know exactly where the door is and send a more specific notification when movements are detected. For example, the app may tell users there was motion at “the front door” instead of the more general “hallway.”

Users were required to set up an activity zone of the front door manually, but after the update, the device can detect the door on its own.

The other new feature is that alerts will be shown on users’ lock screen so that they can take quick actions in case of an emergency.

Before the update, users may receive push notifications of certain events occurring at home via the mobile app. But they needed to unlock the screen first before opening up the app to find out exactly what happened.

With the update, the Nest app will present a full-screen notification with available actions that users can take along with a live video of the house. If it is a false alert, users can simply silence the notification, but if the situation is urgent, they can take actions right away.

This update is released only for subscribers of Nest Aware, the company’s premium service in the Nest app. The paid subscription includes 24/7 continuous high-definition recording, up to 30-day video history, and more.

The new app version is available for users who have Android 7 or iOS 10 devices.

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