Nowy Styl Group’s smart chairs powered by DSP Group’s Chips

Nowy Styl Group’s smart chairs powered by DSP Group’s Chips
Furniture solution provider Nowy Styl Group has selected DSP Group’ Ultra-Low Energy (ULE) System-on-Chips (SoCs) to power the new Navigo Smart connected chair.

The chair incorporates sensor technology by RED AMBER – a tiny embedded computer – along with ULE sensors within the chair to make Navigo smarter, creating better ergonomic functions and encouraging healthier sitting conditions.

The Navigo Smart showcases the various ways in which IoT technologies can optimize smart offices, enhance employee well-being, increase productivity and decrease work-related illness.

Forward-thinking companies are investing in their employees’ health more and more, said Navigo Smart co-creator Piotr Wróblewski. “We’ve made ergonomics education and furniture perfection our top priorities as employees too often get immersed in their everyday work activities and do not capitalize on the ergonomic benefits of their environment.” With the new Navigo Smart chair, this problem will be solved as the chair will monitor the surroundings and person using the chair to facilitate healthier habits, Wróblewski explained.

Tali Chen, CVP corporate development of DSP Group, said with advantages such as interference-free spectrum band, superior range and support in two-way voice, ULE technology is the optimal standard to embed in a variety of solutions ranging from smart home to industrial, smart city and now also in smart office offerings.

The RED AMBER sensor embedded in the chair is created by IoT development company Gemsense. “We see the smart office as a major market for IoT as many employers and organizations are struggling to implement smart technologies into work environments,” said Avi Rabinovich, CEO of Gemsense.

“ULE technology is a great solution for smarter office initiatives as it offers the merits of superior range and full office coverage. ULE enables our RED AMBER sensors to send data to one remote server that covers the entire office space,” Rabinovich added.

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