Google Assistant now has 5,000 supported devices

Google Assistant now has 5,000 supported devices
Google has updated the support list of Google Assistant, announcing that more than 5,000 connected devices now work with Google Assistant – a big increase from just 1,500 in January.

According to Google, every major device brand now support its voice assistant in the U.S. Device categories include thermostats, smart lights, smart switches, smart locks, sprinkler, security systems, doorbells, fans and vacuums.

The search giant also detailed other brands and their products that will add Google Assistant support in the near future, including DISH’s set top box the Hopper, Logitech Harmony remotes, smart security systems from ADT, First Alert and Vivint Smart Home, smart door locks from August and Schlage and home security cameras from Panasonic.

Smart lights from IKEA and Xiaomi, Deutsche Telekom’s smart home hub, Hisense’s TVs and Arlo security cameras are also on the list.

Starting with Amazon Echo and Alexa’s introduction in 2014, voice assistant has since established itself in the smart home market. Alexa unveiled a new way of controlling smart home devices, and has garnered support from both device makers and consumers.

Google introduced the Google Home speaker and Google Assistant in 2016, competing with Amazon Echo devices and Alexa for the voice device market share. The Google family has caught up fast, as the number of supported device grew three-folds from January to May.

While there are about 5,000 devices supporting Google Assistant, over 12,000 devices support Amazon’s Alexa. For Apple, there are just 195 devices that support its HomeKit platform and voice assistant Siri.

Google Assistant is built in various hardware devices, including Android phones, smart speakers and smart watches powered by Wear OS.

Google will hold its annual developer conference May 8-10. The company could announce new features for its smart assistant at the event.

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