Chinese firm Phicomm to bring smart home devices to the U.S.

Chinese firm Phicomm to bring smart home devices to the U.S.
Phicomm, a home device company founded in Shanghai, has officially entered the U.S. market, offering smart devices on

Phicomm currently only has routers and a smart scale on the website. But the company plans to release range extenders, robotic vacuum cleaner, wearables and other smart gadgets in the future.

Founded in 2009, Phicomm has seen its products gain increasing popularity in the country, registering an annual growth rate of over 200%. Its wireless A/C has over 80% market share in China, according to the company.

Phicomm has invested US$2 million to launch products in North America, and plans to add US$1 million to develop its new smart home division in the U.S. Its U.S. headquarters is based in San Jose, California. Besides bringing smart home solutions into the U.S market, how to expand business units as well as market share will be Phicomm’s focus.

Del Larsh, a former sales account manager at ViewSonic who was in charge of promotion at Amazon, Costco, Wal-mart and, will lead Phicomm’s U.S. expansion.

“This is an exciting time in technology, especially with the dawn of the smart home market. We are excited to launch at such a time with innovative solutions that are destined to drive the market forward,” Larsh said in a statement.

While it also sells smartphones, Phicomm is leading in the Chinese market mostly with its router product line. The market is waiting to see if Phicomm will really unveil a robotic vacuum cleaner or other smart home gadgets. They are not provided in the Chinese market right now.

Other than China, Phicomm also has branches in Singapore, India and Germany.

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