Z-Wave.Me introduces RaZberry solution

Z-Wave.Me introduces RaZberry solution
Product makers can now turn the Raspberry Pi into a Z-Wave enabled home gateway with the RaZberry solution created by Z-Wave.Me.

The RaZberry solution involves a tiny daughter card that sits on top of the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector, and a Z-Wave controller software running on the Raspberry Pi.

The solution consists of 6 components:
1. The Raspberry PI Board and Rasperian OS
2. The RaZberry Daughter Card that connects to the GPIOs of Raspberry and carry the Sigma Designs Z-Wave transceiver.
3. The Z-Wave low level firmware that runs on the Transceiver.
4. Z-Way – the first certified Z-Wave communication stack, handles all Z-Wave network communication, Java script automation engine, built in web server.
5. The web based Z-Way Demo User Interface using the Z-Way JSON API and demonstrating all functions of Z-Way.
6. Product developer's applications.

By enabling makers to create their own home gateways, the RaZberry solution is expected to open up new possibilities for the smart home.

Source: _Z-Wave.Me.

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