Amaryllo introduces fast facial recognition to smart home

Amaryllo introduces fast facial recognition to smart home
Amaryllo International B.V. (Amaryllo) announced its advanced facial recognition technologies and alliance with ASUS SmartHome. When triggered, ASUS SmartHome sensors will prompt Amaryllo ATOM to auto-track moving intruders, recognize family members, and send face alerts to house owners. Employing Amaryllo’s proprietary technologies, ATOM is the first home robotic camera that can auto-track intruders and detect human faces in real-time. Amaryllo’s latest technical advancement enables ATOM to identify human faces in 1 second and can recognize over 100 family members simultaneously. Unlike traditional facial recognition technologies that use cameras to upload a large video stream to remote server to perform video analytics, which consumes a large internet bandwidth and a huge computation power, ATOM performs real-time face detection by its embedded powerful CPUs, resulting in a fast recognition. With the aid of Amaryllo’s advanced technologies, ASUS SmartHome can open its smart door locks when house owners are recognized to disarm alarm systems such as sensors, sirens, switches, etc. 

Amaryllo will demonstrate its facial recognition technologies and product integration with ASUS SmartHome at stand 31 Hall GA Security Essen from September 27 to September 30, 2016.

Unlike conventional smart home products that are based on simple 64-bit encryption, which can be hacked in minutes, Amaryllo builds world’s first dynamic military-grade 256-bit encryption server to offer the best security protection to smart home market. This is the highest security protection available to market.  Amaryllo’s dynamic peer-to-peer video server automatically adjusts video quality based on available bandwidth to reduce video latency and to offer the best streaming video experience. Amaryllo offers free rolling 24-hour unlimited cloud storage for each of its devices, allowing consumers to access recorded video fast and safe anywhere, anytime. 

“We are very excited partnering with ASUS. ASUS has a wide range of smart home products, yet it chooses to work with Amaryllo to offer better security protection to consumers,” said Lina Le Flech, assistant sales manager at Amaryllo. “Amaryllo is interested in working with smart home companies to offer our advanced technologies to complement their smart home offering,” added Cindy Kuo, sales manager at Amaryllo.  Amaryllo offers fast facial recognition technologies free to its smart home partners. ATOM has been chosen by the largest Middle East telecom company to implement in its 50,000 smart home project for the next 3 years.

Source: Amaryllo

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