Climax picks DSP’s chip solution for smart home product launch

Climax picks DSP’s chip solution for smart home product launch
Climax, a supplier of wireless home security systems, has selected DSP Group’s advanced Ultra Low Energy (ULE) System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution for its new smart home suite of products.

The ULE SoCs will be integrated in a rich set of smart home products by Climax including door contact, PIR sensor, battery-operated siren, smart thermostat, smart mini smoke detector and LED light bulb.

ULE attributes include high fidelity, long range, two-way real-time audio and video and ultra-low power consumption, allowing battery-operated devices to run for years.

Climax used DSP Group’s DHAN-S module which offers application developers a turn-key platform for ULE nodes, whether battery- or AC-powered. Built around the company’s DHX91 chipset, DSP Group’s DHAN-S module can be integrated into the smallest of smart home nodes. The module can serve as a wireless connectivity channel for an application running on an external microcontroller unit (MCU) or can act as a standalone solution using the DHX91’s internal ARM926 processor.

“We chose ULE for our smart home system due to ULE’s interference-free frequency bands, long secured range and RF robustness,” said Andrew Ho, R&D director of Climax. ULE, and the underlying DECT technology, is one of the safest, strongest and secure networks when compared to its counterparts, Ho said, adding that DHX91 is a perfect fit for IoT smart sensors, offering the right combination of cost, performance, low power and ease of integration.

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