[CES 2016] Naran awarded at CES for Microbot Push

[CES 2016] Naran awarded at CES for Microbot Push
Naran, a South Korean hardware startup and CES Innovation Award winner for its connected finger Microbot Push, introduces at the CES 2016 a radically new vision of connected life and home automation, a brilliant mixture of simplicity and complexity: Prota, an operating system for smart hubs and three Microbots for automating existing appliances including a connected finger to push any button, a smart twist for dumb knobs and an infrared bridge to automate everything that previously needed a remote control. 

After the successful launch of the much acclaimed first wireless robotic finger Microbot Push on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Naran now unveils the brain and central hub of its smart home system called Prota as well as two new Microbots and introduces its novel approach that helps our good old things to stay relevant in the digital age. Microbots are the beginning of what Naran calls an “add-on automation“. Naran’s two Microbots are a natural follow-up of what Naran has already successfully started with its wireless robotic finger. But let’s first introduce Prota:

Prota Box – the central hub for connected life

Microbot Push, Microbot Twist and Microbot Bridge just like any future Microbots are compatible with the Prota Box. Thanks to Prota Box users will not only be able to control Microbots outside of their homes, but also fully automate every action of each Microbot based on sensor data and instructions coming from popular web services. Moreover, Naran has an ambitious roadmap for adding new apps and compatible services to Prota Box over an API and Prota SDK. This means that Microbot Bridge will for example be able to control air conditioners automatically based on instructions from an Internet-connected weather station while Microbot Twist will automatically check when the door must be locked based on owner's smart phone geo-location data.

Microbot Push is a smart physical robotic finger that transforms analog buttons into internet – connected tools for your smart home, bridging the real and digital world and connecting any physical devices. Naran’s founder Taehyun Park says “The Internet of Things starts with things, all things, so let all things be connected!” Until now, the only way to bring analog devices to the Internet realm are so-called “wall wart” switches that simply control the electrical circuits that power your home appliances. This solution is severely incomplete and far too complex for most users. Naran’s “Push” transforms our everyday appliances into smart connected things in a much easier way. With “Push” you control all of your devices’ switches simply with your smartphone and define the conditions and scenarios for smart home automation.

Meet Microbot Twist — a smart twist for a dumb knob

First Microbot Twist can be used as a universal smart lock that fits just about every deadbolt. The motor and battery of Microbot Twist are contained in a separate body that then rotates the mechanism that is tightly holding a deadbolt. This approach gives user a lot of freedom how Microbot Twist can be utilized. As long as the rotational mechanism has a good grip of a deadbolt (or, in fact, any other knob), the motor outside will be able to rotate it effortlessly. This way, unlike with many already available smart locks, the precise angle and the position of the grip matter a lot less. This makes Microbot Twist extremely universal and still maintains the same plug and play approach that Naran has achieved first with Microbot Push.

Microbot Bridge automates everything that previously needed a remote

Microbot Bridge will be the third addition to the Microbot Series. Its main purpose is to bring intelligent home automation to ancient technology that previously needed an infrared remote (TVs, music players, air conditioners, and even any of your DIY projects that include an infrared receiver). Microbot Bridge saves user's energy bill by turning off the devices when the user leaves home and bringing them back just before the user arrives. According to industry reports the biggest electricity consumer in our houses is the A/C. Smart Internet-connected A/Cs can bring your energy bills down by up to 40%. However, a new A/C will cost you a fortune, while Microbot Bridge is built keeping the idea of add-on automation in mind. With this tiny device, user can turn any A/C into a smart one in seconds and at a fraction of the cost.

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