Honeywell launches DIY security system with Alexa built-in on Indiegogo

Honeywell launches DIY security system with Alexa built-in on Indiegogo
Last month Honeywell briefly mentioned about its first DIY security system, and the product was officially unveiled on crowdfunding site Indiegogo recently. The DIY security system consists of several gadgets – a camera base station, sensors and an optional key fob.

Its central drive is the camera base station, which looks just like the Amazon Echo speaker with a camera on the top. The design makes the device multifunctional, and it does have Amazon Alexa built-in. As such, it can work like a normal Echo speaker and allows users to ask questions, order pizza, and control smart home appliances.

The camera sitting on the top serves as the eye to monitor the surrounding. It features 1080p HD video recording with 145-degree of view, motion and sound detection and facial recognition, which enables the camera to notify parents when children come home after school.

Homeowners may purchase infrared motion detectors and window/door opening detectors. These sensors will work with the hub. When unusual activities are detected, the camera will start recording the event and send notification to users. The security system can also send alerts inside the house with customizable lighting and sirens.

Audio and video self-monitoring is available directly via the Honeywell Lyric app. The system comes with 72 hours of free cloud storage to save video alerts. Subscription plans for more storage space will be available.

In addition to Amazon Alexa, the device also comes with IFTTT and Z-Wave Plus support. The company promised the device will work with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit after launching a software update.

Although there is only one hub, users can still hook up the camera station with other Honeywell cameras to secure wider areas.

While many companies are making home security products, Honeywell is setting itself apart by making the system more than just a security device. The system has a security camera, a smart speaker and a smart home control hub.

The product was first launched on Indiegogo in order to obtain feedback from early adopters and gadget-savvy people in the community. Product shipping will start in December 2017 and it will become widely available in retail stores in March 2018.

The camera base station will cost US$400, the motion detector US$50, window/door opening detectors US$40 and a key fob US$30 for easier control. A starter kit, which includes the base station, two window/door sensors and a key fob, will sell for US$500.

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