[CES 2016] Snuza launches portable baby movement monitor

[CES 2016] Snuza launches portable baby movement monitor
With its complete range of ground-breaking, easy-to-use, portable movement monitors, Snuza is spearheading innovation in one of the biggest trends in the marketplace right now, wearable tech for infants. Whereas traditional baby movement monitors are fitted beneath the baby's mattress, Snuza monitors attach directly to a baby's diaper and alarms if no abdominal movement is detected. On January 6th – 7th, Snuza will display its highly anticipated Snuza Pico, a ground-breaking portable movement monitor that can be used with a smartphone at the CES Baby Tech Showcase, Booth# BT24 at the Venetian, Level 2.
“We are excited to showcase our award-winning monitors including our highly-anticipated Snuza Pico,” says Sylvie Charette, President of Snuza. “The Pico brings the category to a whole new level, by arming todays on-the-go parents with the ability to monitor their baby through their smartphone. We are delighted that the Pico has been selected as an Innovation Award finalist by the JPMA and we are excited to introduce this innovative product to the marketplace.”
Snuza portable movement monitors are made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics and do not send or receive radio frequency signals. Weighing only 1oz, these monitors are the lightest of their kind on the market today. The following Snuza monitors will be on display at the ABC Expo.

Snuza Pico

The revolutionary new Snuza Pico monitors abdominal movement by using a patented contactless sensor array, which detects deflections of baby’s abdomen. This means that Pico does not need to be in direct contact with baby’s skin and reduces the false alarms caused by loss of contact.
The portable Pico can also be used with a smartphone! Parents can now optionally connect via Bluetooth LE to a smartphone app, which allows them to monitor and control Pico remotely (within a 20 to 30 meter indoor range). The smartphone display shows baby’s abdominal movement, skin temperature, sleeping position and whether there is any potential risk. The Pico unit can be accessed by multiple smartphones so that parents and/or caregivers can monitor multiple Pico units from one or more smartphones.
Pico has a temperature sensor, which monitors temperature of the skin without having to be in direct contact with baby. It also has a position sensor, which determines baby’s sleeping position and even if baby sits up (side, face-down, face-up).  Pico’s carry case has a unique power charger, which recharges the built-in battery by simply placing the Pico in the carry case. Battery life is around 1 week before recharging. Pico clips to baby’s diaper with a mechanical clamp to prevent it from slipping off.

Snuza Hero

The Snuza Hero is a portable and easy-to-use movement monitor, which clips onto baby's diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained. Hero detects even the slightest abdominal movement and will alert you if your baby's movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute. If no abdominal movement is detected for a period of 15 seconds, Hero will gently vibrate. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby, and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. After three vibration/rouse incidents, the Rouse Warning will alert you when you’re baby's abdominal movements have stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If no further movement is detected for another 5 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you.

Snuza Go!

The Snuza Go! is a portable and easy-to-use movement monitor which clips onto baby’s diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained. Go! detects even the slightest abdominal movement and will alert you via an audible alarm after 15, 18 or 20 seconds of no movement. The movement rate indicator will warn you during weak or infrequent movement.
Recommended for ages 0-12 months. The Snuza Hero ($119.99) and Snuza Go! ($99.99) are currently available at major retailers and specialty stores and online major retailers. The Snuza Pico will launch at retail, June 2016.
Source: Snuza

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