Crestron TST-902 8.9″ touch screen available for shipping

Crestron TST-902 8.9″ touch screen available for shipping
Crestron announced the release of its all new TST-902 8.9″ Touch Screen, delivering reliable, secure wireless control, a consistent and intuitive user experience, and powerful Smart Graphics in an enterprise-grade wireless tablet.

The TST-902 primarily communicates via Crestron ER instead of Wi-Fi. Crestron ER wireless communication is enabled via the Crestron Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway (CEN-ERFGW-POE) for ultra-dependable wireless performance up to 200 feet indoors. Customers can also use ER and Wi-Fi together (dual-mode) to integrate streaming video from IP cameras or for web browsing.

The TST-902 features high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors that bring exclusive Smart Graphics to life. The ultra-bright widescreen display, capacitive touch screen, H.264 streaming video, and edge-to-edge glass deliver a remarkably gratifying experience.

The TST-902 incorporates new fast-charging Lithium ion battery technology that makes it possible to keep the device docked indefinitely without killing the battery. Additionally, the Instant-Waking feature allows the TST-902 to go to sleep within seconds of putting it down. If necessary, the TST-902’s battery is field replaceable.

A wall dock is available along with a sturdy, elegant table dock that complements the aesthetic in any boardroom. The docks provide a convenient solution for charging the TST-902 while simultaneously using it as a dedicated tabletop or wall mounted touch screen.

Source: Crestron Asia

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