Momentum Niro Wi-Fi garage door controller brings peace of mind during travel season

Momentum Niro Wi-Fi garage door controller brings peace of mind during travel season
Momentum, the personal home property and loved-one monitoring solution, has expanded retail availability of its Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller with Built-in Camera before summer vacation season, now available in additional big box stores nationwide.

The U.S. patent pending Niro features live HD streaming and event recording, garage door control, night vision, and dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility all for under US$100.

FBI statistics show US$15.6 billion in property crime in 2016. While many homeowners lock the front and back doors, garage doors are often a softer target. The low-cost investment in a Niro system can bring peace-of-mind while away from home for extended periods of time. Real-time app notifications are triggered by any motion or audio, so users can take appropriate action from wherever they are.

The Niro Wi-Fi garage door controller mounts to the bottom of a garage door opener[iii] and allows users to live stream HD video on the Momentum mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The app features an easy-to-use, tile-based interface with two-way talk capability. In addition to real-time notifications, the Niro can automatically record and save video of any activity to the secure Momentum online cloud, or microSD card within the unit.

“With home owners and renters more likely to leave their houses vacant during the summer months, Momentum is the reliable and cost-efficient option for securing an often forgot-about part of the home,” said Jason Liszewski, Momentum Vice President of Sales. “The Niro allows you to view and control your garage anytime from anywhere using the Momentum mobile app, and remotely open or close the door for family, friends or deliveries.”

The Niro Wi-Fi garage camera, along with all Momentum Wi-Fi home cameras, can be controlled and viewed from the same mobile app, as well as other home-based consumer electronics from NEST.

In addition to real-time video monitoring through the mobile app, Momentum offers users the choice to save recorded video on either a microSD card (up to 128GB) or in its secure online cloud. The Momentum cloud subscription service provides various plans for video storage on secure US servers with unlimited video downloads. Users receive a free 30-day trial upon activation.

The Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller is available now at, and local Walmart stores nationwide.

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