Pro Control puts the focus on security with new two-way drivers for security panels

Pro Control puts the focus on security with new two-way drivers for security panels
Pro Control introduced the latest version of its Pro Control Studio programming software — version 1.4.2 — which features three new two-way drivers for security panels. For integrators, the new drivers make it simple to provide their customers with intuitive control over select GE, Honeywell, Elk, and DSC security panels, while offering powerful automation options when integrated with other smart-home systems.
The new Pro Control drivers enable seamless integration with GE Concord series security panels using the Interlogix ITI SuperBus 2000 Automation Module; Honeywell VISTA series panels using the 4232CBM Connected Building Module; and Elk M1 series panels. The drivers enable the creation of virtual keypads, allowing users to arm/disarm and check the status of their security system on a Pro Control Pro24.z remote or from an iOS device running the ProPanel app.
When integrated with other smart-home systems, the drivers enable powerful trigger control options. For example, setting the lighting system to the “good night” scene can trigger the security system's “stay” mode, or televisions can be automatically powered off when motion sensors don't detect a presence in a room. Additionally, the Elk two-way driver can trigger the security panel to say pre-programmed words or phrases.
Traditionally, programming such functionality has been a very complicated procedure. With Pro Control Studio, however, two-way drivers auto-populate professionally designed templates, eliminating time-consuming tasks for dealers while requiring little additional programming. If an integrator wants to customize an installation, Pro Control Studio provides the option to adjust elements easily within the user interface.
“We're proud to expand our library of two-way drivers to include GE, Honeywell, Elk, and DSC,” said Mike Everett, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas, for RTI and Pro Control. “Security is a key element in any home control solution, and these new drivers allow our dealers to integrate these popular panels and provide a great control experience for their clients.”
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