Koogeek introduces HomeKit-enabled LED smart light bulb

Koogeek introduces HomeKit-enabled LED smart light bulb
Apple HomeKit-enabled product manufacturer Koogeek recently introduced its new Wi-Fi Smart LED Light bulb, at an affordable US$37 price tag.

The LED smart light bulb differs from other similar products in its embedded control hub. Philips Hue, for example, requires a standalone control hub to enable smart lighting control, while Koogeek’s built-in Wi-Fi radio eliminates the need for another add-on hub at home.

Koogeek’s smart light bulb features over 16 million colors and a fully dimmable design. From the accompanying mobile app, users can schedule when to turn on/off the light, and set up “scenes” to adjust multiple light bulbs simultaneously per their demand. For instance, a romantic dinner scene will offer warm and less bright colors.

With a light emission of 500 lumens, the light bulb can last up to 25,000 hours, similar to other dimmable LED bulbs in today’s market. The company claimed that the device can create temperatures between 2,700K and 6,000K by using just 8W of power.

Considering there are few available choices of HomeKit-enabled LED smart light bulbs, the launch of the US$37 model from Koogeek is likely a good news for Apple HomeKit users who use iPhone, iPad or Siri to control their smart home gadgets.

A single Philips Hue Color bulb, in comparison, costs $45, and iDevices’ light bulb adapter sells for $60. They both support the HomeKit platform.

Koogeek’s smart home product portfolio currently includes smart light switch, smart plug, smart socket and the new LED smart light bulb. Every model from Koogeek supports Apple HomeKit.

Besides smart home products, the company also offers smart healthcare devices, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smart health scale, smart thermometer and smart blood pressure monitor.

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