Vayyar enters smart home market with its non-camera 3D imaging sensor technology

Vayyar enters smart home market with its non-camera 3D imaging sensor technology
3D-imaging sensor company, Vayyar, has announced its entry in the smart home market, aims to bring non-camera monitor capabilities to the users. 

According to Vayyar, its 3D sensor is able to see through walls to detect, identify and track individual’s motion. At home environment, the camera-free monitoring environment can bring more privacy to the users. 

Earlier this year, Vayyar debuted a 3D imaging tool called the WalabotDIY which allows users to track home renovation projects, construction and DIY tasks. For example, the device lets user see through drywall or cement to determine where to set up pipes or wires.

The WalabotDIY is a phone-case-look device that connects with cameras on smartphones with magnet forces. It works with Android 5.0 operating system or above and equips with USB OTG. Once the users put on the device on the smartphones and finish installing the WalabotDIY app, they can scan the wall and the see-through image will show on the smartphone’s screen.

Vayyar has given some examples of how its technology can be used in a smart home context. Without camera installed at home, Vayyar’s 3D imaging sensor is able to detect an elder falls or stop breathing. Further combination with other technologies to send alerts can provide healthcare monitoring without exposing user’s daily privacy. Also, the sensor can be used to track real-time movements outside of the house, which offers security features to homeowners. 

Vayyar enters the smart home market without hardware releasement. The company makes the announcement more to provide its technology to other connected home device manufacturers. Currently, Vayyar has launched its technology across multiple industries, including construction, DIY, smart home applications, agriculture, robotics, AR and VR, automotive, personal health and IoT. 

“Until today, the technology currently available within the Smart Home ecosystem has been limited in supporting advanced features. It has either violated individuals’ privacy through the use of cameras, required multiple installations in every room, and required people to wear special tracking bracelets,” said Raviv Melamed, the CEO and co-founder at Vayyar Imaging, in an official announcement. The company believes that its imaging technology which requires no cameras will bring a different value to the smart home market. 

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