POPP integrates Amazon Alexa in its smart home hub and improves user interface

POPP integrates Amazon Alexa in its smart home hub and improves user interface
After an extensive update applying Z-Wave’s software, POPP HUB gateway is now enabled with Alexa voice control and also has a brand new user interface, Z-Wave Europe announced in a press release.

With the integration of Amazon Alexa, it will become easy to control the room temperature, dim the lights or control different devices or complex automation scenes by using voice commands.

Thanks to the app store that is integrated into the POPP HUB user interface, the Amazon Echo skill can be installed and activated in only a few steps. Searching devices in the Z-Wave based smart home network has become a more simple process.

The biggest visible change in the user interface can be done by the user himself. Thanks to the “skin” functionality, it is possible to adapt the user interface’s look to one’s preference. Users may also choose their own icons.

An instruction on how to create skins (templates) can be found under developer.z-wave.me. These skins can also be submitted to the platform as it is already possible for the numerous apps. For skin development, it is necessary to have experiences with SASS and CSS.

Another new feature is the accelerated registration procedure for mobile devices, which can be connected to the POPP Smart Home by scanning a QR code.

The POPP smart home software is based on the certified ZWay software of Z-Wave.Me. Therefore, all submitted apps and skins will be certified by Z-Wave.me before their official release for public use.

Since its start in 2016, the app store has developed to a collection with more than 120 useful applications which simplify the integration of various functionalities into the intelligent connected home, the company says.

The ZWay software is used in the POPP HUB as well as for the Smart Home Stick, made for WD My Cloud, and the RaZberry plug-on module for Raspberry computers. As such, all apps and skins are available also for all of these platforms.
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