Archos enters smart home market and launches smart speaker with display

Archos enters smart home market and launches smart speaker with display
Archos, the French manufacturer that’s known for budget Android smartphones, has unveiled its first smart home device – a smart speaker with display called Hello.

With a wooden back and speaker at the front, Archos Hello has a similar design as Lenovo’s Smart Display, except for longer and narrower body.

It has Google Assistant built-in so users can ask general questions, set up reminders, listen to music and control other smart home gadgets. With video call service, Google Duo built-in and the 5 megapixel camera, users can make video calls with friends. It supports Google Cast so they can stream video or audio via Spotify or YouTube.

In terms of hardware, Archos Hello features 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, quad-core processor and 4000mAh battery, which together make the device portable, although the company didn’t specify how long the battery can last under normal operation.

Archos Hello comes with two models – with 7-inch HD display or 8.4-inch FHD. It runs on the Android Oreo system, which means it was developed on Google’s Smart Displays announced last month. Archos said the devices will go on sale in the summer for US$160 and US$222, respectively.

Google’s Smart Displays, which runs on the IoT platform Android Things, gives the original Google Assistant the power of display screen. The assistant, residing in a device with a screen, will provide answers with visual presentation.

Users may ask the assistant to find photos from Google Photos, search videos from YouTube or ask driving directions and get results from Google Maps.

Google Assistant-enabled devices with display are in direct competition with Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot. Although the search giant hasn’t announced any related products, companies like JBL, Sony, Lenovo and LG have all promised to introduce models using the Google technology this summer.

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