MivaTek launches smart home platform Home8 Systems

MivaTek launches smart home platform Home8 Systems
MivaTek, the comprehensive mobile interactive video alarm, awareness and assurance services company, announced that it is separating into two division: Home8 Systems for all of its consumer product lines; and NxM Systems for its technology platform licensing and services division.
Home8 is a virtual “home mate” with a variety of video-centric products designed to keep users safe and provide peace of mind. It offers a range of affordable devices that work seamlessly with the company’s mobile app, providing users complete control of their smart home no matter where they are. The diverse line of products includes a smart fire and CO alarm sensor, HD cameras that stream video clips to owners’ smartphones via the app, smart medication dispensers, fall detectors, activity tracking sensors, panic buttons, smart plugs for electrical outlets and an intelligent hub that provides always-on wireless access between Home8 devices and the cloud service, with AES256 bank-level encryption to ensure privacy.
“What sets Home8 apart in the marketplace is the seamless integration of all our products and the ability to send push notifications to mobile devices that show video clips when applicable so that users can get a sense of what is happening in their home at that moment,” said Joe Liu, MivaTek’s CEO. “All smart home systems are designed to give users more control, but with Home8, that control extends to wherever the user is with a smartphone. In a very real sense, Home8 devices function as a ‘home mate,’ letting users know what is going on at their homes and providing unprecedented peace of mind.”
With factory-paired devices for fast set up and full integration into Home8’s platform, the company offers a seamless, secure solution that can be expanded to include other services at multiple locations and on an as-needed, plug-and-play basis — all of which can be controlled from a single app and shared with other users as the owner designates.

About Home8 Systems

Home8 Systems delivers peace of mind through smart home services. Home8 solutions include sensor-initiated video recording, cloud and local storage options, notifications to multiple tiers of recipients, and can be used in multiple locations. Home8 services include intrusion and utility monitoring systems for fast response to break-ins, fires, flooding, and carbon monoxide leaks. Home8 services also include panic buttons, fall detectors, activity tracking, and automated medicine dispensers to help people get care when they need it most. Customers control Home8 products from a single mobile app. Optional call-center service and additional cameras provide even more security.
Source: MivaTek

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