Smart fragrance box Moodo turns users into “scent-DJ” at home

Smart fragrance box Moodo turns users into “scent-DJ” at home
The smart home concept mostly focuses on using technology to remotely control home devices. There are devices letting the user control lighting, switches, coffee maker, TV or indoor temperature. How about the smell at home?

Smart home scent box, Moodo, has been created to let homeowners control the smell of the environment via smartphone app.

Moodo is a square box with four colorful capsules installed on the top. Inside the box, there’s an electronically-controlled fan system to circulate air through the scented capsules and out into the room. The fan system is able to adjust the blowing strength of each capsule. In other words, users will be able to mix the four scented capsules and play with different combination results.

The scent box also has the fun element. Acting like a ‘scent-DJ,’ users can try different scent possibilities by dragging buttons in the app. Users can enjoy the process of controlling the smell at home, or furthermore, can understand, interact with, and think of smell.

Once users find the mixed scent they really like, Moodo allows them to save the scent combination in the app, or even to share with friends on social platforms.

Moodo offers a rechargeable battery and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. A scent family containing four scent capsules lasts two months, according to Moodo. The device costs $229 and a scent family costs $20.

The device was recently launched at the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and is expected to start shipping in July 2017.

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