Travelers offers home insurance and smart home kit on Amazon

Travelers offers home insurance and smart home kit on Amazon
Travelers, a U.S. property insurance provider, has opened a digital portal on to sell its home insurance and smart home kits.
The webpage is proclaimed by Travelers to be “the insurance industry’s first digital storefront.” Since consumers interested in smart home may visit Amazon to review various gadgets, they are likely to be interested in smart home insurance or the smart home kit offered by Travelers.
When consumers click on Travelers’ store on Amazon, they will be directed to the company’s official website or an independent insurance agent for further consultation and contracts.
The smart home kit includes security cameras, water sensors, motion detectors, a smart home hub and an Amazon Echo Dot. Existing Travelers home insurance customers will get a discount on their purchase of a smart home kit.
Even for home insurance customers who aren’t planning to buy smart home kits, the insurance company will offer them free Amazon Echo Dots, subject to their program terms. The company said the free offer will first be available in California and Quantum Home 2.0 customers in Colorado, Missouri and Wisconsin, with more states to be added later this year.
Travelers has also developed two new Alexa skills. The “Travelers” skill is designed for home insurance policyholders who have questions regarding billing and payments; and the “Travelers Home Central” skill provides property maintenance access and home safety suggestions. The company plans to add more Alexa skills in the future.
“Smart home technology is making it easier for all of us to monitor our homes and help protect us from some of the most common causes of damage,” says Michael Klein, executive vice president and president of Personal Insurance at Travelers, in a statement. “Our Amazon storefront conveniently brings together smart home devices, installation services, discounts and insurance knowledge in one central location to help our customers and agents manage risk and take a more proactive approach to home safety,”

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