Latch debuts first enterprise-certified smart lock that supports Apple HomeKit

Latch debuts first enterprise-certified smart lock that supports Apple HomeKit
Residential smart lock maker Latch has released a new product that works with Apple HomeKit. The company claimed that the product, Latch C, adds a layer of security to apartment doors and is the first enterprise-certified smart lock on the list of product supporting Apple HomeKit.

There are multiple ways users can unlock their doors – through a traditional key, door codes or by scanning smartphones. The smart lock supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC.

With the HomeKit support, users can simply place their thumbs on iPhone’s Touch ID sensor and say “Hey Siri, unlock the front door” to get access into the house.

The smart lock is also equipped with a wide-angle camera, a touchscreen for the keypad and other sensors to enable security features. For example, users can send a temporary code to a friend so that he or she can enter the house while they are not yet home.

When a visitor taps the touch screen, the wide-angle camera will quietly snap a photo of his face, then save it in the device and send it to the user’s mobile phone. The automatic snap-photo feature will also be activated if the code is entered incorrectly or when someone taps random numbers.

One of Latch’s co-founders, Thomas Meyerhoffer, was a designer at Apple. The company has raised US$10 million this May in Series A funding round and a total of US$26 million since founding in 2014.

Latch introduced two other products before – mortise lock Latch M and reader-style electronic access product Latch R for building entrance. With its current product portfolio, the company is confident that it can address a full spectrum of residential building needs in the United States.

The company is now accepting pre-orders for Latch C, which costs US$299, plus a subscription fee for Latch software service. Latch is usually sold with building installation and the first Latch C is expected to arrive this fall.

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